Memories of a Childhood

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I will remember

The smell of an evening night with a light breeze

The taste of milk chocolate swirling around

The sound of an owl on moon light night

A cocktail stick on my finger

I will remember

The smell of a poppy field

The feeling of an apple touching my lips

The sound of bird song in the morning

An icicle touching my ear at night

I will remember

The smell of a chain saw cutting a tree

The melting feeling of ice in my mouth

The sound of a fog horn by the sea

A bee sting on my leg

I will remember

The smell of the seaside

The taste of an ice cold drink

The sound of a grand farther clock

The feeling of waves on my legs

Thing I’ll remember most of all

Is not seen, heard, felt, smelt or tasted

But it is in your heart and in your head

And that’s the love of my family and friends.

We were asked in English to write a piece of creative writing either in the form of a poem or a story our further instructions were it had to be based on childhood or children our teacher suggested we could base our writing on past childhood experiences. I thought about what interesting events I could write about unfortunately I drew a blank so I had to go down another track.

I finally settled on using feelings and emotions as the backbone to my work. I brain stormed some ideas down on paper leading of from the five senses. I came up with a lot of ideas, out of which I selected the most memorable events, and phases that bring tastes to the plate, and smells to the nostril and so forth. Things like a cocktail stick on my finger because I can remember reaching into the sweety drawer, where in I was pricked by a cocktail stick. Another one is when I was younger me and my family went on a lot of trips walking so things like the smell of a poppy field come to mind. With both of these examples also the reader can relate to these events which will arouse pictures and feelings as they read.

I tried to continue this with all my sentences creating sounds and smells as you read the poem in order to get the audience hooked and make it more interesting to read. My only major problem came at the end when I tried to finish the poem, I had to change the style to prevent a blent ending. I tried to make it more formal, in a way, so the reader could tell the poem was finishing. To insure there was not an anticlimax I made sure that I had a lasting point and/or an emotional ending. Nothing is more fitting to fill the role as love it is the most important feeling and emotion and without it your lost.

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