Memorable Moments in Rowing

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Rowing is a sport that has a long history and with this history a lot of memorable moments have come along. Let’s remember a few of these moments to see the importance of the sport and the reason it is so famous. There are great Olympic moments in history as well as legendary stories for athletes.

Rowing was included at the Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. However, the bad weather conditions that nobody expected made it inevitable to cancel the event. Rowing was first seen in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris. There were four rowing events and a total of 108 athletes competing from eight different countries. In 1976 the official women rowing sport was introduced to the Olympic Games in Montreal. Women competed in six events, namely single and double sculls, quadruple skulls, coxless pair, coxed four and eights. The event attracted much interest and soon gained many fans.
In the Sydney Olympic Games of 2000 the famous rower Redgrave from Britain was the athlete that everyone talked about. Redgrave has won gold medals in five straight Olympic Games from 1984 to 2000. He has won a total of six Olympic medals. Before Redgrave, this record was held by Jack Beresford who was also an excellent athlete from Great Britain and has also won gold medals in five Olympic Games straight. You should also know that Beresford planned on taking part in another Olympic event and could have increased his record, but World War II made that impossible.
Romanian rower Elisabeta Lipa had won her first gold medal in 1984 in the Los Angeles Olympic Games. In the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004 she celebrated the winning of a fifth gold medal. The twenty years time shows that she is a stable athlete that has many qualities that an athlete should have. She has competed in six Olympic Games and had won medals in all of them. She has a total of twenty medals and the Olympic Games in Athens were certainly a moment to remember for her career.

Australian rower Stuart Mackenzie has won six Diamond Sculls at the Henley Royal Regatta. However, he is famous for many other things as well, one of them being his behavior. Mackenzie has managed to have fans that admired his excellent skills and also people that believed his behavior showed arrogance and superiority. However, the sport was not so official back then and rules allowed certain amount of show.

Mackenzie took part in an event of the Henley Royal Regatta where he was way ahead of all other rowers when he stopped rowing and tried to adjust his cap. However, the reason was to give time to his opponents to catch up with him as it happened. Then he started rowing again and he easily managed to get away, be faster and end first. This moment has become an old story in rowing as it signifies the excellence of the athlete although his behavior made him rather unpopular.

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