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As part of the media coursework component I have chosen to analyse the smarties chocolate bar advert, the new product from nestle. The main colours in the advert are bold, bright colours, they are blue, yellow, red, white and black, these colours attract people attention and makes it stand out from others. The type faces which they have used is bold bubble writing, they have made the font white which makes it stand out from the blue background.

I think this advert appeals to under 18’s because the colours are bright and they have dressed the smartie up as Ali G, which would attract teenagers attention. The slogan of the chocolate bar is ‘smarties go undercover’, I think they have chosen this to show that the smarties have gone undercover in a chocolate bar, which is also why they dressed the smartie up as Ali G. The first thing I look at on this advert is the smartie because it’s big and bright and is also in the middle of the advert. I think this advert is effective because the pictures and writing are big and bold so they catch the attention of customers.

I would expect to see this advert around schools and music shops, as that is where most children spend their time. I think the advertising agency would want their product to be connected with teenage idols, as there is not only a picture of the product advertised but also an animated version of a teenage idol, this shows that the product is aimed at a young audience. By Charlotte De Abreu This is an analysis and a comparison of two adverts which will describe what is in the advert and how it is appealing to people. The two adverts I have chosen are: ‘The Virgin Mobile’ advert and the ‘Strongbow’ advert.

I will describe the celebrity endorsement used in the Virgin Mobile advert. In the advert the celebrity that is endorsing it is, Christina Agularia. This particular celebrity endorsement gets more people become a part of this phone network. It gets men to do this because Christina Agularia is attractive and is a sex appeal to some men. It gets women to do this because they are all wondering what an earth is she doing and think that if they change to Virgin Mobile then they can text people faster and will please there boyfriend/ husband because they become like Christina. People are also attracted by it because if you watch half way through you wonder what Christina Agularia is up to and why she is doing it in a business block near a window which is the frame work of the story.

At the end of this advert the Virgin Mobile slogan comes up which is “the devil makes work for idle thumbs.” This makes people think about changing to Virgin Mobile network because it is an unusual saying and also catchy. It also suggests that people who transfer or are all ready on this network will go to hell. This slogan can also lose sales because it suggests that if you Virgin Mobile you will become a servant of the devil.

The imagery symbolism in the Virgin Mobile advert in the form of the logo. The logo in the Virgin Mobile advert is simple but a very successful. It is just a red, egg shape with the word “Virgin” written in white in the middle of the shape, this is all underneath a black rectangle, which has arched corners with the word “Mobile” written in white in the rectangle. This is effective because it is a weird looking logo for a major mobile company because usually major companies have big, complicated logos but the Virgin Mobile logo is small and simple

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