Media audience

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This presentation is a vibrant comic strip and is in the main pictures therefore it is a print. The dominant image is the actual chocolate bar, because in every image, natural colours are used, except for this red and orange chocolate bar, which captures the onlooker’s sight immediately. The relationship between the print and visual text is that the pictures tell a story about a moderately cool guy, becoming extremely well liked and alot more attractive; so naturally, the font of the slogan and chocolate bar name, in the end still-image is bold, in your face and cool! The slogan, ‘Resist Gravity’, fits perfectly well with both the chocolate bar name and the print, because the whole story is regarding skateboarding. The young man accomplishing a brilliant rodeo 360, ‘resist gravity’ is extremely appropriate to the story, and since the name of the chocolate bar is ‘Elevation’ everything connects and fits perfectly with each other.

The advert is aiming at teenagers; it’s easy to read, amusing and has many pictures. For example, the chocolate bar’s name is ‘Elevation’, this has multiple meanings, and it could signify the literal elevation and be physically elevating you when you attempt to do such gravity defying moves such as in the advert. The elevation may also mean that it raises your happiness, strength or energy, this theory is backed up by the huge plumes of smoke under the word, to show the enormous amount of energy crammed inside such an innocent-looking bar; there really are numerous ways to interpret this name.

Media audience The intended market audience is all young adults. Whether they are popular, gorgeous or not so, ‘Elevation’ will make them who they want to be, or at least that’s what they make out in this advert. The audience is constructed to see a simple world through this product, it will bring energy when your tired, popularity and happiness, to any problem an ‘Elevation’ is the answer, that is what is being discretely portrayed in the advert. I think this advert would be found in teen magazine because it’s fun, a small story and involves something tasty! It could also be found on a shop wall, displayed boldly to all the potential-buyers.

Media Technologies This advert is presented in vibrant colours, bold headlines and has a comic strip look to grab the teenager’s attention from the second he or she walks into the shop and sees the advert. Each picture, in the layout, tells a part of the story to the best degree through camera angles and the distance from the scene. Using two of the most popular obsessions in a teenager’s life, comics and skating, this advert stands out incredibly and fires ‘notice me’ vibes at the passer by. Once the viewer is drawn in, the amusing story and cool layout will cause the teen to buy the product.

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