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Within this coursework I will analyse two adverts currently showing on T.V and say what image is created and what market is being targeted. Television Advertisements are costing about �7 Billion every year and are aiming for people (viewers) to buy their manufactured goods which they are advertising. The adverts which are shown on TV all over the world are very clever and effective because they are always trying to find a way to beat other competitors.

The first advert I have chosen to do my assignment on is the advert for Robinsons Original Orange Juice. The advert begins with a Long shot of the Embankment near the Houses of Parliament. The weather is a sunny day and the music is a young child nursery song played on a piano, the scene appears to show the little girls’ grandma sat down giving a glass of orange to the little girl. (She is a young girl about the age of four looking very intelligent with plump cheeks and is dressed with white socks, a ribbon in her hair and a pretty dress.) This would appeal to parents and grandparents.

This is setting the scene of an innocent girl having a day out near the river Thames. The cameras shot medium close up next shows you the girl drinking the orange which her grandma has given her. The next shot is her grandma asking her ‘Do you know what the capital of England is’ The next shot shows apparently the petite girl thinking inside her head and then a Victorian film shows you a black and white scene of a traditional School teacher and he is pointing to the word England on a chalkboard, With a CAPITAL E.

This scene is making the spectator think that she might have read a book which contains these scenes. The camera shot is now on the little girl and she comes out with the word ‘E’, this is a bit like on the programme ‘Children Say the Funniest Things’ By Michael Barrymore which contains things like this. Next is a very long shot of a pregnant woman and plump men which then goes onto a scene which is along the same lines but this time at the Hospital, and shows you a pregnant woman walking through the ante-natal ward and also a podgy man walking past.

The girl then asks ‘Do mummies have girls and daddies have boys.’ which gives you the impression that she thinks that men get pregnant. The girl is then looking at a woman with a baby’s face on her shoulder (perhaps she is winding the baby) with both shots on the camera screen. This is using the same sort of language as in the first scene. Now the camera goes onto the product with an entirely changed scene, with some bright blue clouds and some sunflowers in a vase on the side which you can see through the glass. They choose these scenes because it makes a contrast with the glass and clouds.

They then have a voiceover saying ‘Robinson’s Original Now Has Five New Vitamins’ which gets you to buy it just for that to make your children as intelligent as the little girl. Many drinks have vitamins but don’t bother advertising them but for this one it is making viewers want their children to have the Robinsons Original for the vitamins. After that shot there is a boy with freckles and ginger hair stood near a hamster cage saying ‘Grandad, when Goldie dies will he have to go to Devon’ This quote is then followed by a medium shot of a hamster with wings and a sign saying ‘Torquay and Falmouth’ This is a scene with a background with a very bright blue background and some large clouds intended to be in the boys mind.

This boy is mixing up Heaven and Devon, and is the same as that programme Michael Barrymore’s ‘Children Say the Funniest Things’. The screen shot is a medium close up and then on a sign in the sky saying ‘Devon Place’ and a hamster with wings. Then for the last shot it is a advertisement of the product which is Robinsons Original. There afterwards is a voice over saying ‘Robinsons Original Now with Added Vitamins. Before the advert ends the little girl says ‘Feed Their Imagination’ In a whispery voice.

This advert is aimed at the parents rather than the children because you wouldn’t see a four year old girl watch the advert and say ‘that’s cute’ would you. You rather would see the parent watch the advert and think that the vitamins which are contained in Robinsons will boost up your child’s intelligence. The second advert I will talk about is Scottish Power. This advert is advertising the Gas And Electricity which they supply cheap prices for.

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