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Today’s world is bombarded with many various advertisements, which are situated where people can view them. We are the audience, the consumers who purchase the product. Many companies want to inform their target audience, an audience in which they think will buy their product. Advertisements are found almost everywhere, from large billboards aimed at people shopping, an audience of hundreds. Right to big money T.V advertising, where millions view the companies’ product.

The advert I will be analyzing is a T.V advert; it has around four hundred shots packed into a one-minute slot. The company advertising is Volkswagen, and the car featured in the advert is a Passot. The company’s main target was to persuade the audience of the reliability and safety of the car. The advert was very successful, as it has achieved numerous awards. As well as being successful on television, the advert has taken further prosperity. Many other companies have bought still shots from the advert, and used them on cards, posters etc.

I will now write about what is visible in the advert, the narration. Then I will pursue in writing about the psychological aspects, and about various sections in more detail. Main Firstly the opening shots are of the girl. The shots fully illustrate the innocence and youngness of the girl, and that she is pretty and vulnerable. The opening shots establish that the advert is from the girl’s point of view, which has large buildings at various angles. There are a few wide-angle shots to portray to the audience that it is a real hustling city. There are a few half and partial body shots of the farther, to show that the farther is with the girl, however as they are partial this suggests he cannot protect her from the chaos-from the girls point of view.

Next a incident occurs where a old man is ranting on, preaching about religion in a almost aggressive manner. The man appears to be a tramp, as he is wearing old clothes and is unshaven in a dirty manner. His appearance is of a dirty man, however his style of preaching is aggressive and is more daunting to the girl. As the girl has never witnessed a preacher, she feels scared. The world around her becomes frightening and unpleasant. We recognize that the girl is frightened by the slightly shot of the tramp, and the shocked expressions on the girl’s face. In a close-up shot of the tramp, half of the image is of the tramp and the other is of the city. The line splitting the two is diagonal, which is irregular. The face of the tramp is just in front of buildings, which suggests that the girl thinks the city is becoming weird and unreliable.

In the following incident the police arrests a man, and they arrest him in a violent way. The man is pushed aggressively onto the car, and appears to be in a little pain. The man appears dirty, and he acts a little suspicious. Although it is clear to the girl who is good, the Policemen with the hats, she does not fully understand what is happening. To fully illustrate this, there is a close-up of her face in revolution. Now the girl starts to realize that the city is not all good, and amongst the good is bad.

The girl starts questioning the city, this is portrayed as camera shots looking up, and revealing a big scary place. To add to the unreliability and knowledge that things can go wrong-there is a man cursing at his broken down car. The car is emitting heavy steam, and the bonnet is open fully. The man looks stressed, and comments “I cannot believe this!” Again the girl appears shocked. The car does in fact relate to the product, so the advertisers juxtapose the contrasting images. Also after this there are some shots of the Passat in action. So the audience don’t just think of how bad the city is, there are shots of the girl playing. This reinforces the innocence of the girl, and youth. There is also a aerial picture of the city with the girls face above. This is a device used for the audience to mentally connect the two, and realize what is bad.

But just as the audiences believe all is glum, in arrives the Passat to make things better. The image in the wind mirror is that of a beautiful women, smiling warming. The Passat parks, and for the farther guides her into the car. For the first time the child smiles, then there is a aerial shot of the car and city. The car drives on and is unaffected by all the chaos which exists around the car. The Passat has saved the day. The young, innocent child is saved and is no longer suffering. Next a wide aerial pan shot, then the slogan which defines everything seen-“if only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen”.

The appearance of the girl is the western world stereotype -blonde curly hair and light eyes. The girl is pretty, and the audience are attracted to her. She comes across to the audience as “cute”, and the audiences instinct is to care for her, and wishes her no harm. The girl represents our love in society, and our feelings. It is because of this and our instinct for her that she is introduced with “the bad side of life”. The audience want to see what happens, and the events displayed toy with their emotions and feelings. The audience feel saddened, and they feel almost as if they are what’s bad.

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