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In this part of my assignment I will find out the performance of Beechwood School, and how they measure and manage the employees. Staff performance is crucial to the success of an organisation. Good management is about being able to motivate staff to work to the best of their ability. Measuring Performance: The following table shows industries and example with individual performance indicator as well as organisational performance indicator.

Industry Example of individual Performance Example of organisational performance indicator Manufacturing A machinist’s output, e.g. number of t-shirts produced per day Increased profit and market share Retail Sales achieved each week, e.g. the value of double-glazed windows sold Increased profits and market share Customer service The number of customers dealt with per hour by a call centre operator Customer satisfaction ratings.

Education, e.g. college or school Student retention and achievement, i.e. the number of students stayig on and passing their exams Schools are ranked by examination league tables Health service, e.g. a hospital The number of successful operations, the number of patients seen in a day Health authorities are judged by the length of waiting lists Transport, e.g. a coach or railway company, an airline

The percentage of services running to timetable, the number of passengers carried Customer satisfaction. Poor performing companies may lose their franchise The police The number of arrests Forces are judged on the crime clear-up rate (successful prosecutions)

Fully realised, performance management is a whole process, bringing together many of the elements which go to make up the successful practice of people management, including in particular learning and development. But for this very reason, it is complex and capable of being misunderstood. This factsheet cannot go into all the details, but it gives an overview so that readers will have a better understanding of the fundamentals when they undertake the necessary further reading.

SMART Targets: The efforts of human resources managers and directed towards getting value for money from employees. We have seen that there is a growing trend for businesses to quantify performance by setting measurable targets – even in those industries where this was not traditionally done.

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