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Everything that a man wishes to happen in life comes at the right time and with a great purpose. My name is (insert name of student here) and I wish to pursue a Traditional open-format evening MBA program at Golden Gate University. My personal and professional experiences motivated me to complete this degree since it will open more gates of opportunity for me in the future. I already have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University, East Bay which is also beneficial to my future profession.

I put prior importance on the fields of Finance, Business Economics, and Corporate Management which are all part of my concentration studies while studying at CSU. Upon graduation, I was hoping to acquire a good paying job in California. But unfortunately, my qualification is not good enough to impress employers since they are looking for individuals who has MBA degrees or extensive work experience. I came to realize how important an MBA degree is in terms of employment and career advancement. I became persuasive in earning this degree so that I can improve my chance and maintain a competitive advantage in the global employment market place.

The program offered by GGU will allow me to maximize my flexibility in terms of knowledge, skills and scheduling. I have major plans in life but I will never set aside the fact that continuous learning is vital for an individual’s growth and success in life. I am planning to work full time in San Francisco to support my living and at the same time attend the MBA program in the evening. This program is the perfect choice for me since the time is fit for working people like me. In addition to this, the MBA program is unique than any regular MBA school since GGU offers Multiple Concentration and/or field of Interests.

Which gives me the chance to take two or more concentrations or field of interest. I am a very optimistic person and considers challenges as part of one’s career advancement since it will hone you to become better individual. There are many field of interests that I am after to and this MBA program will allow me to hone my expertise in International Business, Human Resources Management and Health Services Management. I am confident that GGU is capable of making me excel on the aforementioned fields.

It has wide array of academic resources and professors who are expert in teaching things related to what I really love to learn. All of the knowledge and skills that I will gain from this university will be utilized in the future since I foresee myself working in an upper management position for either a Multi-National corporation (own and operated by US) or a global Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). I wish to be part of an organization that will allow me to apply what I have learned from GGU during my MBA studies. I believe that Success is best achieved once you share it with others through service and commitment.

It can be determined by planning a clear objective and breaking them to practical achievable steps. One of the best way to plan my future is by plotting it in GGU since this is the path towards my dreams in life. My enthusiasm will eventually produce good results since I am good in planning and organizing things and events. My commitment to success is at its best and I already anticipate my future at GGU with success. My flexibility in dealing with people from all walks of life will allow me to gain relationship building that will lubricate the whole process of success and/or achievement.

Now is the right time for me to realize all my dreams and make it a reality. I will utilize the skills given by this MBA program bu making an immediate contribution and impact that will translate into certain achievement to any organization globally. Most importantly, I will like to give it back to the world community. The accomplishments mentioned on my resume provide evidence of my dedication to succeed in a smaller scale. I commit myself to this MBA program with perseverance, determination and responsibility.

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