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There are two types of poultry meat; white poultry meat and dark poultry meat and these colors are based on the different locations and uses of muscles. Dark meat occurs in the legs, which are used to support the weight of the chicken while they move or stand. These muscles are designed to develop endurance for long-term use and contain a large amount of myoglobin, allowing the muscle to use oxygen more efficiently for aerobic respiration in contrast the white meat generally found within the breasts of the birds are used for quick bursts of power which requires little of the most darkening myoglobin (Fletcher, D.L 1997).

However, birds, which use their muscles for sustained flight such as geese and darks, have dark meat throughout their bodies. White meat refers to any light colored meat, often contrasted with the red meat. However, the recent definition of white meat in the United States emphasizes not the appearance and strength of taste, but the fat content within the poultry.

Epidemiological studies have shown that the rise for developing coronary artery diseases, the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States has a positive relationship which blood cholesterol concentration. Evidence clearly supports the benefits of reducing elevated low-density lipoproteins cholesterol both in persons with and without coronary artery diseases (Erdtsieck, B. 1989). Therefore, reduction of low-density lipo-protein cholesterol is the primary target cholesterol lowering therapy.

In Asia, the average person prefers to eat the dark or red poultry meat while in most of the western countries (the United States and Europe) most of their residents prefer and emphasize on the consumption of white poultry meat. Poultry meat like all other meats constitutes the main portion of many people’s diet. Besides being crowded with protein, poultry meats are also good sources of B-Vitamins, iron and Zinc. But they can also be high in cholesterol, fat and calories and therefore individuals should enjoy these foods in moderation.

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