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Using the Internet to advertise can be very precious and valuable to the company, because you are offering your services to the biggest market ever along side other companies, which is the global market. Being on the Internet is low cost and can save you money and time. Hyperlinks and Banner promotions will generate visits to the web site; also you are able to collaborate with related business to promote each other’s business by having hyperlinks. For more information on Amazon’s principle of online marketing refer to task.

When businesses do not have a web presence, visibility is crucial thing, but when business do have a web presence, visibility is not a vital target, because weather it is a major business or a small business over the Internet you get the same visibility as each other. As long as the e-marketing business can deliver the satisfaction as the leading e-marketing business than both businesses can compete with each other on equal terms. Amazon’s visibility is One of the best businesses for example for customer’s who wish to purchase something from their website who live in the U.

K Can log onto this website www. Amazon. co. uk. As you can see that this is the link for their website for U. K users, but for customer that wish to use and purchase products who live abroad they will have to log onto a different Amazon website which is www. Amazon. com. Because Amazon have two website, this is a great advantage because they are bringing in two set a new markets for their business, The U. K market and the global market. Easy jet

Easy jet uses cookies just same as Amazon, they use cookies to identify their customers, for example when a customer logs into their website, the first piece of ‘cookie’ information they receive is on their first page which is the choice of the language, when you choose the language suitable for yourselves this information will go back to Easy jet so every time you log onto to the same website with the same computer you will never be asked that question again, it is all stored in Easy jet’s data base. They also use cookies to send you information on special offers and promotions on the selected flights that you were previously looking at.

Easy jet use record every page that you visit and every flight detail that you request, they do this so that they can ensure to give the best service in what ever you request. Giving 100% in everything they do. Easy jet is an Internet based business; because of this they have many competitors such as British airways, Expedia etc. But easy jet do not need to worry about that because they can afford to keep their prices low, as low as their competitors prices, they are able to do this because they own their own planes and because of that they do not need to pay anyone else to fly the customers, like Expedia does.

This is a big advantage to easy jet because they can afford to beat their competitors they can also keep their prices low, but just enough that they do get a profit in this. But for example if someone does become a big threat to Easy Jet then they would follow the same procedure as Amazon to find out what kind of prices their Competitors flights and what kind of services they deliver, they would get all this information from the competitors website. Easy Jet does a lot of off-line promotion as well as on-line promotion for their business to boost their sales and to bring in new markets of customer’s.

The kinds of off-line marketing that they do are thing like advertise in: – Newspaper – Magazines – Billboards They do this in order to get more customers to use Easy Jet to fly around Europe. When Easy Jet promote on-line they promote in the same way that Amazon does (on-line). As Amazon use the Internet they can save precious valuable time and money for the business. They use the Internet in the same way as Amazon do. They do their online marketing by having pop ups and sending e-mail to people about their business and special offers.

Also a good way that Easy Jet promotes that is free of charge but which is guaranteed to be seen by nearly every one, which is on their aeroplanes on their tales. Collaborating with other business with be a bid advantage to them because if one business does not have the tickets available then that business can recommend a business like Easy Jet who might have the tickets available to suit the customers needs. Also easy Jet could do the same for the other business if Easy Jet does not have the tickets available then they could recommend other business such as British Airways who might have them.

This is called the Affiliate Network. For Information on this turn to page. When a business does not have a web presence it struggle to be seen by thousands of customer, but when a business has a web presence it will be seen by thousands of people all over the world, in Easy jets case they will only be seen from people and customers from the U. K because they are and Internet based business meaning that they only rely on the Internet for business. Basically a small business has the same amount of visibility of a greater larger corporation because they are both on the Internet.

So the small business For Easy Jet being on the internet helps them in every way to receive money and to attract more customers, having a webs presence helps them to have the same visibility as the leading major business. Easy Jet are one of the most successful internet business on the internet along side with Amazon, but Easy Jet have Cleary mastered internet business offering low fares which is attracting new customers nearly every day. The reason for this is because Easy jets do not need to pay any rents for property or any bills for the property. Sainsbury’s

The way that Sainsbury’s use cookies is that when you log onto their website, and you would like to have your shopping delivered to you home, what they will ask you to do s to register with them giving them your house details basically where you would like the shopping to be delivered. Once you have registered with them a cookie is created for Sainsbury’s so that the next time you log back onto the same website with the same computer you do not need to re-type your information in again they cookie will activate and the details will be their all rady for you to use.

Sainsbury’s have lots of competitors such as Asda Tesco and other top leading grocery store. All these business will either find information on each other so that their can use that information they have found and compare to their own business to improves their own. Tis is good great thing about the internet it is very easy to find out financial information on their competitors, for example in the screen shot below you can see how Sainsbury have got on with their income coming in and how much profit they are making.

The internet can be used to enhance offline and online marketing for Sainsbury’s the off line marketing that Sainsbury o are as follows: Advertising methods – T. V, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, Billboards. The way that Sainsbury would advertise on line would be having pop-ups coming from another window advertise themselves so that customers are encouraged by that and will want to buy things off their. For Sainsbury’s being on the internet helps them in every way to receive money and to attract more customers, having a webs presence helps them to have the same visibility as the leading major business.

For a business like Sainsbury’s being on the Internet is not an essential facility for them because they also have their stores all over the U. K, but if they had the chance at being on the Internet they would take this opportunity very quickly which they have done, by introducing there home delivery service and online shopping where customer can do their home shopping for their own home. Form the screen shot below you can see that Sainsbury’s are growing with their online shopping idea.

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