Marketing Trends Notes

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Some consumers will multi-task to compress more activities but still fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle by cooking from scratch less often and failing to exercise regularly. “Product solutions are needed to restore balance in consumers’ life. ” -Many consumers are feeling overwhelmed by their lifestyle obligations.

Time- pressured consumers express strong preferences for quick, efficiency-driven rodents that allow them to feel more in control of their time. This consumer group will multi-task in order to compress more activities into less time, leading to wide behavioral implications. For instance, time scarcity is a common reason for consumers failing to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including, skipping meals, eating- on-the-go, cooking from scratch less often, and failing to exercise regularly.

As a result, consumers are looking to simplify and reduce time in the kitchen. Product solutions are needed to restore balance in the consumers’ life (Denominator 2009). Http://www. Tats-sea. Agar. Go. Ca/inter/5527-Eng. Tm –NFG encourages busy consumers to Love Chicken. (2011). Poultry World, 165(2), 16. The National Farmers Union encouraged chicken lovers to buy an entire chicken rather than pieces by giving out recipes and chances to win vouchers or paid vacation packages.

The NEFF proposed that buying a whole chicken isn’t Just more cash-efficient, but time-efficient because leftovers from the whole chicken can be used in the recipes offered. –Kramer, L. , & Pollack, J. (1998). On the run. (Cover story). Advertising Age, 69(34), 1-35. Restaurants are finding new creative ways to reach customers with their eyes set on eating their meals as fast as possible. Convenience is said to be at an all new level with foods pre-cooked, spill-proof cups, and food insured to be ready in minutes for busy consumers with no time to cook meals like they did in the sass and ass. Ease of packaging and preparation has become a mantra for Stephanie Williams, director of the Kraft Kitchens, who has tracked consumer food trends for the company for 29 years. In the sass or ‘ass, it would take an hour-and-a-halloo make a meal, she said. Today, one of the most popular recipes on Karat’s Web site is a chicken and rice dish tit a total preparation time of 15 minutes. ” More than 50% of burgers chains sales is accounted for in drive through.

Some like to point the finger at an increased amount of women in the workforce; mainly because women would traditionally prepare a meal for the family that would usually take around an hour to an hour and a half each time. Now that women are working, families are scrambling to find the easiest and quickest form of a meal day to day that may include instant chicken and rice or your usual take-out food from a McDonald’s.

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