Marketing Study Guide

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The study guide is what I want you to know. The test will cover a sampling of that information so that we can get done on time. Thus, not everything on the study guide will necessarily be on your version of the test. But, items NOT on the study guide will not be on the test.

No symbols – indicates a multiple-choice question overfed in both book and lecture * – indicates this is from lecture notes only, not the text book ! – indicates this is on-your-own from the textbook, not discussed extensively in class ” – indicates this item will be covered in short answer format Chi. 1 Marketing Overview Chi. 4 Analysis of the Marketing Environment * Comparative advantage theory of competition 6 categories of nongovernmental (conceptual idea of role marketing plays in analysis our “imperfect” and dynamic economic !

Generational cohorts and key system) differences among today’s Market orientation (2 key topics and concept of generations (Boomers, X, Y) constant need for market intelligence) ! Corporate social responsibility ” 4 As (list and define) ! Green marketing 4 As (common marketing tasks) Value creation Chi. 5 Consumer Behavior ! Terms: BIB, BBC, CRM, exchange, marketing *” 5(6) Step Consumer Decision mix, transactional vs.. Relational orientation,

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