Marketing Research Methods

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The differences between measurement and scaling is as follows: Measurement I Scaling I – The assignment of numbers or other symbols to characteristics of objects according to set of rules. – Does not measure item itself, but characteristics of it. – Actual assignment of 1, 2, or 3 to each respondent using a scale that ranges from 1 to 3. | – Scaling involves the generation of continuum upon which measured objects are allocated. – Can be considered a part of measurement. Places consumer response along an attitudinal spectrum from unfavorable, to neutral, to favorable. I Q. There are four primary scales of measurement. They are nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio scales. Nominal scale is a scale whose numbers serve only as labels or tags for identifying and classifying objects. I In the past year, what was your spent on the most? 1 . Educational Purposes 2. Leisure/Travel 3. Food 4. Others I Ordinal scale is a ranking scale in which numbers are assigned to objects to indicate the relative extent to which some characteristic is possessed.

I In the past year, how much did you spend? 1 . Less than 5,000 2. $5,001 – $10,000 3. $10,001 – $15,000 4. $15,001 – $20,000 5. More than $20,000 | Interval scale is a scale in which the numbers are used to rank objects such that numerically equal distances on the scale represent equal distances in the characteristic being measured. In the past year, what was your spending? Much Below Average 2 3 4 5 Average 6 7 Lastly, ratio scale possesses all the properties of the three mentioned above.

It is the highest level of measurement. It allows a researcher to identify or classify objects, rank-order the objects, and compare intervals or differences. In the past year, what was your spending? $ Q. It is possible that a brand could receive the highest median preference rank on a ann. order scale of all brands and still have poor sales. The reason for this is because though consumers are ranking brands out of preference, it does not ask them to take into consideration other factors such as cost and accessibility.

For example, Manacles could be ranked number one due to its reputation and performance, but because it is difficult to find or too costly, they would not make the sale. Other brand ranked Marketing Research Methods By Emphysema were taking into consideration a favorite sports team, a rank order scale would be more accurate. Q. When constructing itemized rating scales, there are six major decisions involved. First is number of scale categories, which the researcher should strive to balance the need for information with consideration of the demands placed on the respondent and the nature of the data collection task.

Balanced versus unbalances scale looks at the number of favorable and unfavorable categories or scale points is equal. That is, aiming to ensure the data collected is objective. Odd or even numbers of categories is where odd numbers used for a scale includes a neutral point in the middle. An even number of categories should be used if a researcher wants to force a response of believes that no neutral or indifferent espouse exists. Next is forced or enforced choice.

A forced rating scale is where respondents are forced or required to express an opinion, because a ‘no opinion’ option is not provided. An unforced includes a ‘no opinion’ category, which could include accuracy of data. Nature and degree of verbal description involves researchers applying knowledge of distribution of the characteristic being measured along with the objectives of the study so that they can select appropriate anchors. Lastly is physical form or configuration, which is deciding the way a scale is presented. For instance, it can be created horizontally or vertically.

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