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Five ways visual could use to assess Stewart skills are: Task specific skills: learning how to carry out a task: example: writing a report, taking stock of inventory. Process skills: understanding and applying organizational process: example: processing invoices, completing a new leave form. Interpersonal skills: improving interpersonal relationship: example: communicating between team members, developing strategies to deal with conflict. Team skills: improving the way the team works: example: setting goals or dealing with changes. . It is important for thwart to negotiate about developmental training with visual to ensure the information that Stewart collect are reliable, valid, unbiased and accurate. And it is important for organizations to consider developmental training for organizational goals. 3. By understanding of the organization’s business plans, goals and objective , we need to be able to identify long- and sort-term goals and the accompanying skills the organization needs to achieve them. Consider a range of questions for Stewart such as: What is the nature of the organization?

What is the organization’s vision for the next five years? Are any major changes in business operations or procedure planned? What specific activities have been allocated to your team? What skills are needed to carry out team activities? 4. We need to prepare a template that required for Stewart to completed his individual learning plans, which asks him to identify: The skill needs. How the skill corresponds with the individual’s tasks, the goals and the organization’s objectives. How the skill will benefit the individual, the team and the organization The options available to address the need.

How the individual will demonstrate they have achieved the skill. Produce complex document. Organizational objective To produce quality material that enhance the image of the company Identified learning goals To produce reports more efficiently, using the advanced tables, borders and your Job? I want to learn more about using Microsoft word to help me with producing reports for work, and for y course in human resource.

The skills will enable me to share the team’s workload. How will you accomplish this goal? I will attend the formal Microsoft word training sessions organized by my supervisor ND practice the skills that I learn at work and at home How will you demonstrate that you have attained your goal? I will prepare reports efficiently and within designated time lines using these features, and I will share my newly gained knowledge with my colleagues. I will ask for feedback from my supervisor and colleagues. 6.

Qualifications and experience for Stewart to prepare for a future roles include: Intermediate spreadsheet skills Minimum of two years experience in a customer service or reception role. Data-entry experience. 7. Policies and procedures to assist managers to comply anti discrimination and occupational health and safety and privacy legislation: Anti discrimination: example: to address male dominance in management, the organizational policy may state that women must be encouraged to apply for management positions and that managers must support female employees who want to move into management.

Occupational health and safety policies and procedures: example: providing all safety equipment such as gloves, working ergonomically, manual handling, guidelines, etc. Policies and procedures manuals: provide information about working conditions and what’s squired by employees with regard to attendance, leave, confidentiality, backfilling for absent staff, etc. They also indicate organizational requirements for personal presentation, customer service and written documentation.

Developing understanding of operational challenges in other areas Job rotation medium Medium Conferences and seminar high High Identifying desired Job options within the organization meetings Low Increasing skills MS access Training session Increasing team knowledge of how the organization is affected by external factors Work experience and exchange opportunities Providing leadership training to an employee due for promotion Coaching and mentoring 2.

Provide opportunities for the learner to ask questions and practice the required skills, and for the trainer to provide constructive feedback to improve the reference or behavior. Developing understanding of operational challenges in other areas Job rotation Allows employees to learn and develop a broad range of skills and knowledge. It also provides the organization with a flexible, multi-skilled workforce capable of moving into different positions or working across several areas or department.

Exposing new graduates to different business areas In conferences and seminars, experts provide information through case studies, presentations, workshops and exhibits of new and innovative products and services. Meetings are valuable way of providing professional development and can be used to share information and offer suggestions regarding different ways of carrying out tasks, tips for better communication, referrals to network contacts or advice about the latest business practices.

They can also be useful for clarifying problems, identifying possible solutions and developing a plan to resolve the problems. Increasing skills MS access Provide accredited training or specific one-off training on topics such as computer applications, time management, sales or negotiation skills, management and prosperous development programs or team building workshop. To provide active participation in an on-the-Job learning program to help people develop workplace skills.

These schemes can help both the individual and supervisor identify learning needs for improve performance. Exchange programs can also help identify ways of improving existing work process. Providing leadership training to an employee due for promotion Coaching and mentoring A valuable way of providing support to your team is to take advantage of coaching or mentoring opportunities within the organization. Part 3 1. Adds 2. Five different ways of collecting information to evaluate the success of a training course are: Seeking feedback: allows you to review learning arrangements.

Feedback helps you determine whether improvements are needed to future arrangements, whether the type of training and/or development should be offered to other staff members and how cost-effective the training was. Example: your organization may have an official professional development feedback form that everyone who attends any type of training must complete. Questionnaires: questionnaires and survey must be developed carefully. People prefer surveys that are easy to understand and quick to complete. Example: do they need to circle an answer, write brief notes, tick a box or provide a rating?

Do they need to provide their name and other details? If you ask them to comment on an issue, leave plenty of room for their response. Structure discussion: setting time aside to discuss the training or development that has taken place is another way to obtain the feedback. Example: you might run a debriefing session if your team has attended a conference, discuss the results of a coaching program with both the coach and the individual or call a meeting to review a training session conducted by an external training provider.

Informal discussion: while informal discussions with people after they have returned from a course. Example: chatting with a coach or mentor or by asking question as you observe people putting their new skills and knowledge into practice. Third party reports: feedback from other people involved in the initial training or the results of the training can help you evaluate the learning programs. Example: how well the participant handled the learning situation, how well the program was structured and delivered from an administrative point of view.

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