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Health and safety issues Emergency procedures Guest care Uniforms and appearance Standards of behaviour Rules and regulations Role play situations Map games to help familiarisation Day 2 covers: Department Specific Training Tills and admissions, games, catering, cast facilities, rides (have to pass a verbal and written test on ride safety). The Human Resources Department has a variety of functions that include cast welfare, cast development, training of cast, recruitment, administration and accommodation.

It is important for the business to develop the potential of cast members so that the service offered by Thorpe Park is of the highest possible standard. Combined with this is the necessity to encourage cast members to improve their personal performance with a view to improving their employment potential. The Training Manager and team put together the training plan for Thorpe Park. Also, they analyse training needs, write and deliver courses, implement the training strategy (where needs have been identified), oversee management development and advise on further education, both internal and external.

An example of the type of courses available is the Foundations of Management Course. This is a flexible, modular development programme designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively as a first line manager within The Tussauds Group. Much of the training which took place used to be ‘bought in’ and, therefore, expensive. In-house training, however, is more cost effective and allows for more cast members to receive training and therefore creates a higher degree of efficiency.

It is important for Thorpe Park to ensure that cast members feel valued in the jobs that they do. For this reason, cast incentives, which should appeal to everyone, are in place. The Dream Ticket allows for a predetermined number of free entries to both Parks, there is paid holiday entitlement and the Sports and Social Club. The latter organises functions and team games between departments to encourage a feeling of being a team member both inside and outside of working hours. Seasonal cast automatically qualify for the attendance/performance bonus which will be paid at the end of the season.

A Seasonal Progress Review is in place and takes the form of a formal assessment that identifies performance and provides motivation. As in any workplace, there needs to be a course of action that is followed when company policy is not followed. The Disciplinary Procedure can be applied only to cast members who have completed their probationary period. The stages of disciplinary action are as follows: verbal warning, written warning, final written warning, suspension, and dismissal. The Law

Health and Safety Young Persons Regulations 1997 requires that employers take into account the lack of experience of young workers of 18 years and below. All cast who fall into this age bracket are given an individual risk assessment to ensure that they are placed in an area of employment that suits them. EU Working Time Directive 1998 provides minimum health and safety requirements with regards to working time. It applies to minimum periods of daily rest, weekly rest and annual leave, to breaks and maximum weekly working time.

Further legal requirements of the business are covered by Discrimination Laws, Employment Relations Act 1999, Contract Law, and a number of general employment laws, amongst others. GUEST SERVICES FACT SHEET: Thorpe Park First impressions are very important. Cast members have one opportunity only to create a good first impression. Personal appearance is all important and this can be divided into five areas which, when combined, ensure that cast present a positive image at all times. These are dress, personality, attitude, behaviour and personal hygiene.

Thorpe Park attracts to a great variety of groups during the open season. Examples of these are families with young children, teenagers, student groups, people from other cultures, non-English speaking guests and guests with specific needs. In order that cast can be aware of the needs of all the guests, all cast are trained in politeness, awareness of special needs and strategies to use for different situations. Guest Care involves a wide spectrum of skills that are involved when dealing with guests. These skills reflect the essential skills required in everyday life.

We take our appearance / image standards very seriously since through these the cast are able to reflect our high standards. We know that our cast members are maintaining these standards from the feedback we receive from on-going research. Every day, exit surveys are available for guests to complete. The survey itemises all the different areas of Thorpe Park. Through these the marketing department are able to maintain an informed overview of the daily performance of cast and the facilities which are in place for the convenience of guests.

GUEST SERVICES TEAM The Guest Services Team is ultimately responsible for dealing with guest comments that cannot be addressed by other cast members. These comments can vary tremendously in content and in the way in which they can be resolved. All departments keep the Guest Services Team up to date throughout the day of any information that might affect the guests’ day out. For example, if a ride is not working, the Guest Services Team will be notified and given all the facts so that guests can be given correct information.

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