Marketing plan for a Bakery

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I have been commissioned to write a marketing plan for a Bakery. This is because in my local area, which is Billericay, has a couple of bakeries in the high street, but both are fairly small and the demand for cakes is fairly high, so I think Billericay high street would benefit from another cake shop. This shop not only specialises in cakes, but it also sells and sandwiches and cold drinks.

In order for this new business to do well though, a marketing plan needs to be drawn up which highlights exactly how the business is to be promoted, and what it is going to specialise in, and how it will try to meet the publics’ demands and get more custom than the other bakeries in Billericay high street. The business environment in this area is fairly lively, because lots of people go down the high street daily. The shops in the highs street are all easily accessible so that won’t be a problem.

After finding this out, I decided to do some research of my own, and find out what people think of these products, and the prices at which they are sold. The questionnaire, as mentioned earlier, is a multiple-choice questionnaire. The questions contained in it will be to do with what people like in their products, how much people are willing to pay for products and other such questions. The answers obtained will be used write the marketing plan, as they will cover all of the 4 Ps, except promotion (Product, Price and Place).

Promotion will be discussed later on, as I couldn’t really think of a way to ask people about promotion. A copy of the questionnaire will appear on the next page. Business Studies Questionnaire Please could you fill in the following questionnaire for my GCSE Business Studies coursework by simply putting a tick in the boxes that apply to you: 1) If you went into a bakery, how much would you be willing to spend on yourself? These are the results obtained by my research. It shows that people clearly like cakes, but aren’t willing to spend that much on them.

People seem to like the products and prices at rival bakeries, so this will have to be solved in the actual plan. The favourite type of cake is clearly chocolate. If a wider range of people were asked the questions, maybe the result would’ve been different, but the results obtained are fine. Analysis of Marketing Techniques There are a number of different techniques that can be used to promote a business, and the following table will outline the mains ones, and also include advantages and disadvantages of each. Type of Media Advantages of this Media Disadvantages of this Media

General Suitability for this Business Television Lots of people watch television so the business will be known about widely. The business and the products it offers can actually be seen by people this way. Advertising space on television is very costly, and is really not necessary for a small business like a bakery. Advertising on television is really not very suitable for this business, because it’s a fairly small business in a fairly small town, so doesn’t need to be broadcast nationally. Newspapers Almost everyone buys a newspaper, so the existence of the business can be revealed to many people.

Most people buy the main newspapers such as the Daily Mail or the Times, and advertising in these is fairly pointless as the business is only situated in a small area, and those papers are national. It would also be fairly costly. Advertising in newspapers is a fairly good idea, but it can only really be done in local papers in the area of the business, like Billericay in this case. A good bet would be the Billericay and Wickford Gazette. Posters Posters can be put in the most convenient place for advertising the business, and can be easily seen.

They can catch peoples’ eyes, and easily let them know of the business when they are already near it. The posters need to be designed very carefully to be eye catching, but informative. The cost of producing lots of posters will probably be fairly high. Posters would be a very good method of advertising, as they are very convenient, and can let people know lots of information about the business easily. Radio In the morning, people tend to listen to the radio more often than watch television, so they can be told about the business then. Also, most people listen to the radio in the car, so this can get the message across easily.

Adverts can only really be broadcast on a local radio station, as it’s kind of pointless broadcasting on a large radio station, like Capital FM, as it is listened to much more extensively in the London area. The radio would be a good bet, but only if the advert is broadcast on a local station, such as Essex FM in this case. The products that the business sells will be decided, for the most part, by the questionnaire that was done earlier. Like a normal bakery, it will also deal in plain loaves of bread, a few sandwiches and soft drinks. But the main focus will be on cakes.

The results of the questionnaire will influence the types of cakes sold. The pricing of these products is to be done in comparison to other bakeries. The results of the questionnaire will be used to see what people think of the other bakeries’ prices, and the prices of this bakery will be made as low as possible, but still remain enough to earn a decent profit. Conclusions and Marketing Strategy Looking back at the following chapters, I have drawn the following conclusions up, and these can then be used to design a suitable marketing plan for my bakery.

I shall split the plan into four sections, one for each of the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) for ease of understanding and so the reasons for my choices can be easily seen. Product After looking at what products other bakeries sell and the results the questionnaire produced about what people like when they go into a bakery, I have decided that the products that my bakery would sell would be as follows: Doughnuts (Chocolate or Jam) Large Chocolate Cookies Chocolate Eclairs Fruit Cakes Danish Pastries Gingerbread Men Birthday Cakes Normal Loaves of Bread (White or Brown)

Chocolate Muffins Cup Cakes To start with, the number of products available will being like that. While not very extensive, is good to start with. As the business gains more customers and more money, a wider range of products can be developed by seeing what else people tend to like, and providing them with what they want. As the business progresses, further questionnaires could be undertaken to find out about ways in which current products could be improved or used to come up with ideas for new products. But, to start with, only the products in that list will be used.

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