Marketing Plan

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Cherry Kennels will provide 50 boarding kennels for dogs and a cattery to hold 50 cats. The cats and dogs can stay for a minimum of one night. The dogs will have 4 hour long exercise sessions everyday in any weather. The cats shall have plenty of toys to play with and kept entertained throughout each day by our trained staff. The dogs and cats will be fed all inclusive 2 times a day with treats for good behavior throughout. There is additional grooming parlor for the customers cats and dogs to be groomed washed and pampered the day before they are collected. Finally to rival my competitors there will be a range of dog and cat accessories in a public gift shop which is open to anyone even if they do not have a cat or dog staying at Cherry Kennels.


In my business I will be using competitive pricing as there is only one major competitor to me in the same area, Ladybird Kennels. Conveniently the prices chosen by the public in the questionnaire are perfect for my business as they are slightly cheaper than Ladybird Kennels prices, it is cheap enough to attract paying customers willingly and expensive enough to make a decent profit from the business. For a single cat or dog, it will cost �30 per night staying at the kennels. For the optional professional grooming for either cats or dogs there will be an additional fee of �20. I chose this strategy of pricing as Ladybird Kennels is the only boarding kennels in the area so therefore all the customers that use this service will go there so if my prices are cheaper they will come to Cherry Kennels instead.


As Cherry Kennels is only going to be a local business televised advertising is very suitable as money is wasted on the rest of the nation whereas large national and global companies need that. Therefore I need to focus my promotions just on the Brentwood area and maybe even the whole of Essex as customers may be drawn in from further away. I will do this by creating an advert on local radio stations especially Essex fm 96.3 as this is a very popular radio station and everyone in Essex can hear it then. As I am starting up a new business I will have special deals to attract the customers straight away such as discounts in the gift shop and free grooming if their dog or cat stays for at least a week. These types of deals and discounts will be promoted by handing out leaflets and flyers in the Brentwood area mainly Brentwood high street but then branching out to local villages such as Pilgrims Hatch and Doddinghurst.


Cherry Kennels will be located within a few hundred meters of the main high street of Brentwood this is the closest place to the high street that has grassy areas and fields that are need to exercise and walk the dogs and give all the animal fresh clean air without any noise pollution from the busy high street either. Brentwood was most popular in the questionnaire and this isn’t a surprise as Brentwood is very busy and all the villages around it go their very often. Because it’s so busy it indicates that business should go well there with lots of customers. Doddinghurst was the next best location and it would have been chosen but it isn’t a very well known place so not many customers would use it. MY ideal location would be an area like Doddinghurst with lots of fields and grass and fresh air but for it to be a lot busier or closer to a busy area.

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