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The Micro-Environment Micro Environment “Furious activity is no substitute for understanding”. (H. H. Williams) Overview The importance of the elements of the marketing organization’s micro-environment which include: Marketing organization egg Marketing intermediaries Customers Competitors Publics There are 5 factors, which will be covered in exam: buyer behavior, mimic, market research, step (segmenting target positioning) ups/ PL. The marketing organization’s environment Micromanagement – The actors close to the organization that affect its ability to serve its customers: Ђ the organization market channel firms customer markets competitors and publics Micromanagement – The larger societal forces that affect the whole micro-environment: demographic economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces 3 Actors in the Micromanagement 4 Micro-Environment Micro-environment – The actors close to the organization that affect its ability to serve its customers: the organization market channel firms customer markets competitors and publics 5 The marketing organization (1) Senior management sets the organization’s mission, objectives, broad strategies and leslies. Marketing managers must make decisions within the plans made by senior management. Senior management must approve marketing plans before they can be implemented.

In designing marketing plans, marketing management takes other organization groups into account such as: top management, finance, research and Mac 2040 Marketing Monish College By miscommunication 6 The marketing organization (2) Organizations that adopt the marketing concept must think customer,’ and work together to exceed customers’ expectations. Expectations All parts of the organization just work together to achieve the greatest benefit from the marketing concept. 7 Marketing intermediaries (1) Marketing intermediaries help an organization to promote, sell and distribute its goods to final buyers. They include: Resellers – Distribution channel firms that help the organization find customers or make sales to them such as wholesalers and retailers.

Physical distribution firms – Help the organization stock and move goods from their points of origin to their destinations such as transportation firms. 8 Marketing intermediaries (2) Marketing services agencies The facilitating agencies?marketing research impasses, advertising agencies, media firms, export consulting agencies and marketing consulting firms that help the organization target and promote its products t the right markets. D t to the I HTH k t Financial intermediaries Include banks, credit organizations, insurance organizations and other businesses that help to finance transactions or insure against the risks associated with the buying and selling of goods. 3 government markets 6 institutional markets Customers The marketing organization must study its customer markets closely. The organization can operate in five types of customer markets: 1 . . 3. 4. 5. Consumer markets Business markets Reseller markets Government markets International markets 10 Competitors Every organization faces a wide range of competitors. The marketing concept states that, to be successful, an organization must provide greater customer value and all organizations. Each marketer should consider its own size and industry position compared with those of its competitors. Organizations are facing competition from international competitors as well as opportunities in international markets. 1 Publics The organization’s marketing environment also includes various publics. A public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in, or impact on, an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. Every organization is involved with seven types of publics: 1. Financial publics.

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