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The best technology development organisations can use for marketing is the internet. Nowadays many things are done online even banks are operating online now. You don’t have to go all the way to the branch to see how much balance you get as you can use your online account on the website. Also there is now a little device the remote cash machine which you can claim from your bank and you can insert your card in there, type in the pin code and see your balance right away.

This makes it even easier for the customer and it is a more safe way than the internet. Also standing order can be done online now, you only have to give the right details and they transfer the money to the person’s bank account or allow the person or organisation to take out same amount each month. And you can just go to the website of the bank and set up a standing order account online. Marketing functions Marketing functions you need to consider before you can achieve marketing principles.

Establish distinctive identity for a product or organisation. Nowadays we don’t actually see different unique products in the market. They are all the same thing but just with a different brand. They need a brand to make it different as the competition. The Nike brand is just a normal tick but it has become so popular that anyone around the world can recognise the sign. A tick on a sweater or trainer is seen as Nike. So if you think about a trainer, the first brand you get in mind is the tick of Nike.

If a teacher marks your work and gives you a tick, you wouldn’t exactly think of the Nike tick. Other businesses on the other hand want to build a corporate image which is the characteristics the business wants to get recognised for. An example of an organisation that does have a corporate image is B&Q which supports local community groups by offering employee action teams to assist repairing and decorating community services. The characteristics of this business would be very caring and taking responsibility. Plan, coordinate and monitor the marketing mix

A business needs to make sure to have the right mix for their marketing which could be the 4 P’s product, price, promotion and place or the 7 P’s which are product, price, promotion, place, people, process and the extended market mix is physical evidence for services. To be ahead of the competitors, organisations have to make sure to keep improving their products. This is why Apple is a successful company as it kept improving the Ipod but improving the product can be quit expensive they need to produce the product again than add new features.

When a product comes in the market for the first time, customers wouldn’t know of purchasing it or not as they wouldn’t know if the product is worth the price therefore businesses can put discounts on products and once they are popular bring it back to the original price. Sellers need to advertise the product inside of the shop and make customers notice that they have a new product in stock. That’s why they mostly use display units which can sometimes be very expensive so they have to decide what products they can put on display and which ones not.

If the product wasn’t that effective the business can consider promotions. With promotions the product will be hammered in the head of the customer. So they might want to buy an phone but don’t know what kind of phone to buy and the first thing they remember is the Samsung phones and they think they could purchase that one as it’s the first that comes up in their mind as some other phone are better, the customer still chooses for this one as it is the first thing that came up in their mind when they heard the name phone. Coordinate marketing activities effectively

All the departments need to work together on how to create, make and launch the product. They first start with the design department who designs the product at the right time. Then the distribution department comes in place that looks at how to store and transport the product to the customer effectively. Then they inform the sales team about the features and benefits of the product and promotions. These departments are getting informed while the others need to coordinate their activities and work together. So the production department department makes sure that there is enough stock to meet the sales team for managing orders.

Managing changes in the technology, competition and consumer Organisation use several different analytical techniques to analyse the date that they have gathered. A situational analysis is all the techniques collected together which can also be referred to a marketing audit. Marketing objectives (SMART) If an organisation wants accurate and effective objectives then they have to use the method of SMART to find out if their objectives are specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time related. Specific – Objectives should specify what they want to achieve.

Measurable – You should be able to measure whether you are meeting the objectives or not. Achievable – Are the objectives you set, achievable and attainable? Realistic – Can you realistically achieve the objectives with the resources you have? Time – When do you want to achieve the set objectives? Marketing activities Marketing activities are the specific actions that they need to carry out to reach their objectives. Dailey the staff in the marketing team needs to do several jobs which are the following * Performing market research in new product ideas and or promoting it.

* Putting into action promotional operations by creating commercials on the TV, booking airtime with satellite television broadcasters. * Calculating new prices when putting into action the increase in price Organisations always create a marketing plan for any marketing objective. The plans explain which marketing activities they need to carry out. The plans are very significant for managing and evaluating the work of the team of marketing. Link between organisational objectives and marketing objectives The main thing to do is to make sure that marketing objectives and plans supports the general business objectives.

To show that the business has got a common aim. The general objectives of the business need to have a powerful influence on the marketing plans and objectives. Use of marketing principles Marketing managers are surrounded by all different organisations in a business as there is a lot of variation. It is likely that each type of environment will highlight different features of the four marketing principles There are about four different organisations within a business and with a different environment they are expected to highlight dissimilar features of the four marketing principles.

In the past marketing managers were short of structured planning therefore acted regularly on a guess or feeling The different departments in the organisation were all doing different things without working together as they were not coordinated properly. So for example the staff in the sales department could be growing discounts and the marketing department could be improving profit margin. Nowadays marketing is being planned and structured more due the fact that there are more planning tools and techniques available. Many organisations now plan for the following reasons.

There is more competition in the marketing environment. Businesses need to invest more to pay for markets and products. Marketing managers are more trained and use better strong planning tools. Since the competition started planning, other businesses wanted to be more coordinated in the different departments within a business. The advantages of marketing planning are the following The marketing environment are more analysed and structured. Objectives and plans supported on developing the company marketing benefit and strengths.

To understand the main marketing trends and the likelihood of future progress. Thought about rather than unconsidered reaching marketing activities To focus more on customers and customer orientation. Included marketing programmes being linked to the whole business Monitoring is looking at the progress of the objectives and correcting any mistakes involved. Without monitoring it is very likely for the objectives not to be met. It is very expensive to put resources into action so therefore organisations always check how the resources are being used to avoid doing the whole process again.

In the last part of the planning process the results and plans both needs to be evaluated thoroughly. Over time many things can change, the competitor can change, customer likes can change, the environment of the organisation can change and also the business itself can change. Marketing needs to apply to these changes and deal with it. Without evaluation the chance will increase that marketing principles, departments and activities will out of date and wouldn’t fit the marketing environment no more. Development of E-Marketing

Marketing is no longer done in the traditional way as technology is developing and most of the research will be done through the internet as it is faster. Here are some advantages of using the internet for marketing Organisations can make surveys on the internet where people can fill them in online and all the details then can be collected very easily. So if you have a survey to find out how many times people have been to the cinema. The information will be collected once they have enough participants.

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