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The marketing team may possibly present information concerning the members of the organisation, individually or grouped. They are also responsible for the classification and explanation of the manufactured goods. The marketing task of the organisation has the responsibility for developing a scheme to make consumers aware of about the product. Newham Sports Club will need the marketing area to research on their business. They will need to ask the public by doing a survey on how they can change the sports club so it can become a better place. And also ask members, if they want any specific products available in the club.

Advertising is about promotion and how they can make their products more aware to customers. The sports club may advertise their products, such as gym equipments, on leaflets, posters, TV or the internet. This is done customers recognise their product and their business. Sales The Sales Team is responsible for keeping records on how many products have been sold. And also they monitor the price of the products. The sales function will need experienced individual who have clear understanding of products and customers satisfaction.

Newham sports centre will be selling products, such as energy drinks and Newham wrist bands. It is responsible for the sales team to collect all the information about products being sold. Administration All the production data is stored in central administration departments, in some organisations. Sometimes the administrating department hold the responsibility for the company estate. Newham sports centre will use the production data to monitor function in the administration. And also monitor how it is run.

Purchasing Keeping records of the suppliers is the job of the purchasing department. All the financial product information will come from the purchasing department. Newham sports centre will have their suppliers supplying them with products and also the purchasing department will keep records of products that have been delivered by the supplier. Personnel Providing information to employers in the organisation is the job of the personnel department information that will be sent to them are, contact details, qualifications, health conditions, and experience etc. The personal department will assist managers to organisation interviews, promotion of employees, as well as keeping records of staff in the organisation.

Newham sport club Personnel department will collect all the information about newly recruited employees and also those who are retiring from the organisation, so they can see what type of employee they need for the job. Financial Information about the revenue or income is provided b the financial administration. The administration is split into 2 different departments, which are management accounting and financial accounting. Management accounting manages all the financial information while the financial accounting is used for financial data.

In Newham sports club, the financial administration will monitor the financial information such as money coming in and out of the club, purchasing and sales invoices, who owes money to the organisation. VAT payments, Tax payments and Inland Revenue returns. Manufacturing Manufacturing means when raw material that are collected, are made into products for customers and organisation. Manufacturing department is used to see the timescales in which input products are turned into output products. This is recorded.

Suppliers of the sports club will supply the manufactured goods to the organisation, and by doing this, the manufacturing department will see what facilities have been can be used by the sports club. External sources When organisations interact with agencies that are outside the company, this is process of external sources. When interacting with external sources, they will need information about Newham sports club. It is up to the organisation to provide this information.

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