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Frame 3 is a close up shot of a woman in her car, which has broken down, she is blonde haired and is applying lipstick whilst looking in the rear view mirror of her car, and during this a background male voice says ‘It gets to you on average in just 40 minutes’, this shows that the man in the Green Flag van is going to try to get to the woman in the broken down car within 40 minutes. Frame 4 shows a cut of the breakdown van driving down a road where a market is taking place.

Then the background male voice says, ‘With 6,000 trained technician’s at the ready’, this is supplying the viewers with more information on Green Flags service. In frame 5 we see at the end of the road, where the market is taking place a builder popping his head out of a manhole, whilst eating a sandwich. Frame 6 is mainly the same as frame 4, but from a front on view, it shows the builder in the manhole and the Green Flag coming towards him, the man in the breakdown van is waving at someone at the market in addition he is not concentrating on the road nor the builder in the manhole, this leaves the viewers in suspense, thinking what is going to happen next.

In frame 7 we se a shot of the builder, submerging himself fully into the manhole, the reason being is that he thinks that the Green Flag van is going to run into him. During this a background male voice says ‘The cost from just 35’. In frame 8 we see a front on cut of the breakdown van swerving to the right of the builder in the manhole, this frame takes the suspense away from the viewers. Frame 9 shows a close up shot of the builder as he raises his head from the manhole, he laughs and smiles. In this frame the builder in the manhole laughs and smiles because he is a member of Green Flag and everyone who knows Green Flag likes them.

In frame 10 we see a shot of the Green Flag van driving towards Tower Bridge. Frame 11 shows a cut of the Tower Bridge opening to let a boat pass through, from a facing view of Tower Bridge we see the breakdown van jumping the gap as the bridge is opening. During this a background male voice quotes the words ‘Green Flag’, the reason being that they are trying to hypnotise you so you remember what they are called, also when the breakdown van jumps across Tower Bridge when it is opening to let a boat through I think Green Flag are trying to show that they will try to you in what ever situation and as fast as they can. In frame 12 we se a cut of the blonde haired woman in the broken down vehicle, she is smiling because Green Flag have turned up to fix her car.

In frame 13 we see a shot of the Green Flag man leaving because he has fixed her car, the blonde haired woman is smiling and waving at him. The background male voice quotes Green Flags telephone number ‘0845 246 2200’. During this frame Green Flag can show they can get the job don whilst proving customer care and friendliness. Frame 14 has a white background, with their company name and logo which is a flag which is Green on the top of the screen, in the centre of the screen it says, join the self reservation society, in other words meaning it is in your own interest to join Green Flag, and on the bottom of the screen it has Green flags website and telephone number.

My Evaluation: Even though Green Flag provides a service and Maybelline provides a product, both adverts are very alike because they are constantly quoting the name of what they are trying to sell and there for this repetition of what they are trying to sell, hypnotizes you in to remembering what the productservice is called. Both adverts have jingles. The Maybelline mascara advert uses the appealing aspects of the glamorous sports car and a glamorous woman, to sell their mascara, for example a male will be drawn to the advert by the sports car and then when he sees the glamorous woman in the sports car, and sees her eyelashes, he will think I have to get my girlfriend or wife that mascara so her eyes look like the womans on the television. The Green Flag advert is constantly supplying the viewers on information about Green Flag breakdown service, the advert also shows that Green Flag has friendly staff and will try to get to your broken down vehicle within 40 minutes.

So far in my essay I have analysed 2 adverts from television, and now I have made up an advert for a fizzy drink, which I have called Cola Zola, its sugar free, full of vitamins and energy, it tastes exactly like coke, my target audience for this product are teenagers. In frame 1 we see some teenagers playing a 5 a side football match the Greens are losing 2-0 against the blues, frame 1 shows who the product is being targeted at. Frame 2 shows a close up shot of the referee blowing the half time whistle; this shot lets the viewers know how long the match has been going on for.

In frame 3 we see the Greens lying on the floor at half time panting and they can’t get up because they’re tired. Frame 4 shows the team leader of the Greens bringing out the Cola Zola drinks; the team leader says ‘It tastes like coke but its sugar free, its Cola Zola’. Frame 4 supplies the audience with information about the product, and shows the viewers a brief look at what Cola Zola looks like. Frame 5 shows the Greens team leader throwing the Cola Zola’s to the tired teenagers.

In frame 6 we see the teenagers opening the Cola Zola’s and taking a sip, they all spring up. In this frame I want to show the audience of the instant affects of Cola Zola. Frame 7 shows the teenagers sprinting on to the football field, looking refreshed. Frame 8 shows all 5 of the greens player’s spectacular goals against the blues to go 5-2 up. The Greens team leader then says, ‘Cola Zola, it’s full of energy and vitamins, as you can probably see’. This shot lets the audience see how much better this drink could make you. In Frame 9 we see a pack shot of the Cola Zola drink, it is practically filling up the screen and on the bottom of the screen it says, it tastes like coke but its sugar free, it’s full of vitamins and energy, its Cola Zola. This cut lets the viewers see what the Cola Zola looks like, whilst reminding the viewers about the drink.

My Evaluation: the advert that I made up for a fizzy drink had to be easy to remember, so I thought of a rhyming name such as Cola Zola, I used the same type of technique as the two that I did analyse, by constantly repeating the name of the product I am trying to advertise and what it does. I had to tell the viewers why they should buy my product and make the advert interesting so they viewers would sit down and actually watch what is happening during my advert.

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