Market Analysis

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As interest in ecological restoration increases, there is an increased need for plants that won’t become invasive problem plants. Plants without runners or suckers are in demand. There is also a burgeoning need for wetland plants for mitigation and constructed wetlands, which are used to clean up urban storm water runoff before it returns to streams and rivers.

Analysis of results When looking at my primary research I found that most people have their own garden, but don’t maintain it. This tells me that there may be a greater demand for landscape gardeners. The main age group, I will aim my services at is 40-50 years old because most people express an interest. I will segment the market geographically by borough, the main borough I will target Enfield, Barnet. I visited lots of gardens in Enfield, Barnet and found that the number of gardens in Enfield and Barnet where much bigger in size compared to Haringey gardens.

Most people said they do there shopping in, Edmonton Green, Wood Green and Enfield Town. Since there are lot of people who do their shopping in Edmonton green, I may advertise my business in local supermarkets. My research on how much people spend shows me that most people spend �200 that was 42% of the market. I will target the high earner, the people who spend between 500-1000 and more on the garden this would be 22% of the market. I found that the most popular newspapers people read, was The Mirror, so I may also advertise my business in the Mirror.

Factors affecting demand  I will be providing services to my customers, so therefore I will want to know about the factors that affect my business. Economists are groups of factors that affect customer’s behaviour as the economic determinants of consumer demand. Here are factors that affect demand for my goods and services. The disposable income of consumers is important, if income is high then there is a greater demand for good and services. If income is low then they may not be much demand.

Prices of competitors may be preferred if they offer a better or lower price service. Taste is also an important factor, if the consumer likes my service; they are more likely to contact me for more business. Advertising has a big effect on demand, because this can lead to an increase in demand for services and goods. Weather is another factor effecting demand

Marketing plan Analysis of competition I found looking at my competitors that they use competitive pricing. So this tells me that the price plays an important role of my business. In order to increase my market share, I will beat my competitor’s prices. I have ten main competitors that provide similar service as my business. My business is located in north London. When looking at my competitors I found most of them are looking to survive, and some are looking to increase market share. Some of my competitors are also using the same supplier as my business, such as Wick and B&Q. I may also hire equipment for big landscape jobs.

Marketing Planning I will now look at my own personal SWOT analysis. This will give me a good idea about where my business is, in the current market. When I have finished my business plan, I will do a SWOT of my business. Below is my personal SWOT analysis.

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