Market Analysis

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This section of the seminar has been designed to provide a background to the Champagne industry and its patrons. Information for this section was obtained from a number of sources which will be identified where appropriate. The information to be presented had to be selected carefully, as it would be very easy to simply overload the presentation with statistics, data, and facts; but information thrown at the audience like this is much less likely to be learned. To increase the audiences level of information retention the data is kept short, logical, and relevant to the topic being examined.

The slide (see appendices) first identifies the primary age range of Champagne customers, which is 30-54, and also identifies the interesting fact that over 80% of customers are male. The next point to be made is the fact that well over half of the sales of Champagne in the UK are made between the months of December and February.

This point is interesting because at first it may seem difficult to interpret why there is such a high correlation of sales in this time, however this will be discussed in more detail in a moment. (Sourced from www. champagnemagic. com) One particularly interesting fact that will surprise the audience is the fact that socio-economic correlation does not occur among customers i. e. it is not only upper class or middle class people who are buying Champagne; in fact the customers are well spread across the social spectrum. It is a common misconception therefore that it is only high-earners are buying the product. (Sourced from www. champagnemagic. com) The next piece of information that will appear on screen identifies the top four reasons customers gave for purchasing Champagne:

1. Valentines Day 2. New Years Celebrations 3. Wedding Ceremonies & Wedding Anniversaries 4. Births & Birthday Celebrations (Sourced from www. champagnemagic. com) These figures are interesting, and stimulate thought, as now the audience will have explained the correlation of sales between December and February. It can be observed from the list of reasons for purchasing Champagne that the top two entries are Valentines and New years which clearly substantiates the figures around the winter months of the year.

The next slide (Appendices 1. 5) identifies the Champagne house of choice in the UK, which is Moi?? t & Chandon, the most famous, recognisable, and widely available champagnes in the UK by far. The slide also identifies the average price spent in the UK on a bottle of Champagne, which www. tasting-wine. com estimate at being i?? 26. 81. These slides will give the audience a suitable background of the Champagne industry. This insight, coupled with the descriptions and definitions provided earlier should provide a good foundation for the remainder of the seminar.

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