Market Analysis

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People all over the world are becoming environmentally cautious and that is why they are engaging in activities that seek to conserve the environment and preserve the few scarce resources. For any business to perform well in this changing time, they will need to analyze the way the market works so that they can produce goods in line with the market needs and how culturally acceptable they are. Therefore, Pullpy Pints Limited will be targeting both large and small scale enterprises. The local markets will be the primary target but home offices will also be considered.

The plan is to treat each potential market segment uniquely. This will enable the sales people to keep track of the needs of the people in the different regions and what they prefer. “For the company to have the information that will be needed, we will have to link with various dealers (Stutely, 2002). ” This will mostly constitute warehouses that buy goods in bulk and redistribute them to other regions, chain stores especially supermarkets will be considered as they are the first places where the products will get recognition.

Another strategy that can be used is through mail orders as this will make it easier for them to tabulate what is needed. The company’s marketers conducted a marketing research in various institutions in the town learning, residential and business institutions. By interacting with various personnel, it was identified that the learning institutions uses more than 30% of products that are recycled. For this reason, the company will be targeting colleges and schools and make contacts with the heads so as to establish a long-lasting business relationship as they will be a determining factor in increasing the sales of the company.

Second in line were hospitals that mainly use the sanitary tissues products. The small businesses which comprise retail shops, fast food restaurants and offices come in third in the research. These enterprises are distributed all over the city and therefore are easily accessible. It will be much easier to convince them that they will be given after sale delivery services. Moreover, the medium sized organizations use some of the products the company will specialize in on a daily basis.

The following are approximated sales figures for the first three months of Pullpy Pints Limited business transaction. Planning the operations is necessary because it will make it easier to run the business. “If operational planning is done well, then the business has chances of improving on how it works (Abrams & Kleiner, 2003). ” There are several things that will be looked in to in Pullpy Pints Limited in their operational plan. They include: o Facilities The physical facilities in place largely determine the kind of products to be produced.

If the facilities are substandard, then the goods produced are likely to be of poor quality. Pullpy Pints Limited has rented the premises where they will conduct their operations. Since the company is located in a good area it will be the responsibility of the top managers to ensure that they always pay their rent on time so that they can continue to enjoy the privileges of being in this location. The company’s short term goal is to expand the business. They are planning on renting the facility next to the business as this will create more room for the growing business.

Their long term goal is to ensure that eventually they will purchase both the premises so that they save on the rental expenses. o Production Production is the heart of Pullpy Pints Limited. This is because it will rely on it to ensure that there is steady supply of products and the product designs keep improving. Since there will be several stages in production, with time management will look into ways which will shorten the process but still produce same quality goods.

This will therefore entail being keen on the improvements in technology and the methods competitors are using. Production will also involve how work is scheduled and responsibilities delegated to various employees. The workers will have to be given roles where they are specialized so that they can produce good results. In addition, it will be the duty of the managers to ensure that the staff is united such that they follow the ethical procedures in place and this will make them more united and work towards enhancing the progress of the company.

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