Many customers and not enough staff to support them

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As a multimedia creator I will create an advert campaign for “Logic” a business which needs my help to invent them. The reason why I’ am doing this is because there are too many customers and not enough staff to support them. Another reason is that the customers are wasting the staff time by asking for enquire but not really buying anything; also the phone in the business goes off to much, wasting the staff time. Another reason is that some staff are not as trained properly to support some of the customers. This could be due to the fact that there are high staffs’ turns over.

The shop is based in central London some of the customers are not good speakers of the English language, so when the enter the shop the staff can really not help them due to the fact that there a language barrier between them. All the staff in the shop are English at the moment. The leaflet needs a logo that will represent them. BACKGROUND DETAIL. * This advert will be for a small company. The name of the company is LOGIC. The organisation sell memorabilia products of London to mostly foreign customers, not many people really work there because the shop is not really a big business.

4 English staff works there. USER IDENTIFICATION. The customers will be using the system to cause less hassle for the staff. So that the staff will have more time doing more important things. Most of these who be using the leaflet will be from all different kind of countries, because the business sells memorabilia’s to the tourist who come to London mostly. The age group can really vary but mostly adults; although teenagers and children do visit the shop to buy things for there loved ones.

This will not affect the language used because the staff know that there most of there customers are not really good speakers of the English Language. Method Justifications I chose to do a system to do with a leaflet. The reason why I will design a leaflet for the business is that is will cheap to print, it can be sent to customers homes and can contain pictures and enough information for the customer also people can come in and pick them up. It also be put into public places like the library ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION

A television commercial can really be affective because it can be sent all over the world, but the down fall is that it is way too expensive for the business, also a commercials are not really something that will suit the business because they will not have a great amount of air time which will not be enough for the business to really sale their products. So a television schedule is out of the question. Kiosk can also cost a bit because you need a computer. Also the customer has to be inside the shop to use the kiosk which is a down fall.

I will be using a standard PC; this is because it is the resource which is available for me in the school. I will be using an LCD screen this is because an LCD screen can be visualized from most angles, and a better viewing. Also it is good because it does not give out any radiation, which is good for my health. The screen size will be 21 inches because I can see more things on the screen, because I do not have a good eye sight. And a resolution of 1280*800 this means that the screen will very clear. The printer that I will be using will be a laser colour printer.

The reason why I chose to use the laser printer rather than the inkjet is that because the laser printer will last longer, and also the laser printing, prints to a higher resolution that the inkjet. Also the laser can print faster than the inkjet. The reason why I chose to print in colour rather than a mono is that the colour is more interesting and is more eye catching. The mono prints are black and white only. RAM is a permanent memory it can influence the processing power, its speed and the amount programs it can run at the same time. The higher the bytes the more complex the programme can run.

Having a higher RAM will help the DTP programme to work faster because DTP is a programme that lets text flow. SOFTWARE. I will be using a MS publisher this is because this is the only DTP programme available in school to create a publication. DTP is a very useful; the advantages of using the programme is that it has advantages like text flow which mean that the when information is put into a box and there is too much information text flow will automatically create other boxes for the text to get into, text wrap minimise space to profited if there are pictures in the programme, guidelines to use the system.

But really these systems are very easy to use. Templates can also be used to help the creation of the programme to be easier. The different programmes that I’ll be using to make this peace of advert within a leaflet, is the internet to collect some pictures, paint application for the subtitles, PowerPoint to do the logo.

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