Manufacturing Manager’s laptop

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In my data architecture map I have included 3 laptops, 1 per manager each protected with their own password unique to each specific user. Also included are 2 personal office computers which all 3of the managers have access to. The function of each piece of hardware is different and with the help of the map I have described the flow of the data and the relationship between each piece of hardware below.

Purchasing manager’s laptop

* Invoices from ink and card supplier entered manually into a spreadsheet

* Data from invoices processed into graphs

* This is then analysed and a report typed using a word processor

* This report is then emailed to the other 2 managers before monthly meeting

* The cost of ink and card is also emailed to the manufacturing managers laptop

The manufacturing managers then can process the cost data and work out the production cost per unit * The bill from the outsourcing to graph soft is also manually entered into the spreadsheet along with invoices from the printer maintenance costs provided via email from the manufacturing manager.

All costs are calculated and processed and sent to the secondary office pc. Manufacturing Manager’s laptop.  Costs of raw materials received from purchasing laptop via email and then processed to calculate the production cost per unit.  Laptop is connected to Office pc 1daily via usb cable to check ink levels, error codes if present and output.Any maintenance invoices are entered into spreadsheets and sent via email to purchasing manager. Sales Manager’s Laptop

Data from potential customers is entered into database with current customer data and is then processed. Such data is likely to be Company name, contact details (phone, email, fax, and address), reference number (primary key), order quantity or quote quantity, Order specific information like designs.

All this information is duplicated and sent to Office PC 2  All sales and revenue is entered manually into a spreadsheet.  Spreadsheet data processed into graphs.  Graphs analysed into forecasting data.  Forecast data and graphs emailed

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