Manchester United set their eyes on Douglas Costa

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Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson reportedly have their eyes set on Douglas Costa, midfielder of Shakhtar Donetsk.

The 20-year-old Brazilian, once labeled “the new Ronaldinho,” had been under Ferguson’s scrutiny for at least four years, and the club appears to have stirred up the old flame.

Manchester did not make any official statement, although sources report that Ferguson was still seriously interested in Costa despite having failed to sign him two years ago from the Brazilian club Gremio.

In January 2010, Costa moved to Shakhtar at a cut-price of ˆ6 million. Despite a sluggish beginning, he has since become a key member of the squad, with a record of 15 goals in 61 games he appeared in.

The fee may apparently be a main issue, as Shakhtar is expected to demand a big profit if they were to give up the under-20 international. Other sources indicate that Shakhtar may refuse to sell.

A minimum of 20 million pounds was the figure thrown out by Costa’s advisers, and this was also the figure that United refused to shell out to get him from Gremio in 2010.

Other sources report that Shakhtar is eyeing a transfer fee of ˆ23 million or more if ever they would agree to the transaction at the end of the season.

Still, Ferguson has made it known that he intended to sign a midfielder this summer, and they were lining up Costa as a long-term choice to replace Paul Scholes.

Meanwhile, Ferguson has long decided that Costa was among the more exciting young talents coming from South America, noted from his club’s intensive scouting processes in Brazil.

Costa has also indicated an interest to move to England, although he still has four years to run on his contract. He was also spotted at the United’s game against Bolton at Old Trafford on Saturday, where United won 1-0, right in the directors’ box along with several of his own representatives and Manchester United officials.

The player led Brazil to victory in the 2009 South American Youth Championship, with three goals to his name. But Manchester United’s eye on him began way back when he was only 16.

Other clubs that also have their eyes on Costa include Manchester City, as well as Barcelona and Real Madrid. His recent appearances for the Ukrainian side might have resulted in the fresh interest shown by the Red Devils.

Interestingly, Ronaldinho also made his breakthrough in Gremio, and Costa reportedly had similar styles in running with the ball and beating opponents in whatever stance they were in.

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