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I have chosen this location for my business as it is best suited to what I want catered for. The reason why this is best suited to me is that is on a main high street. This is beneficial as it has lots of other facilities to offer. Some of these include other clothes shops (this is good as it gives people a wider choice so they are more likely to go there if they have a choice), they have a few different supermarkets (this is good as potential buyers don’t have to go out of their way to go to my shop) this is good as the they can do lots of things all in one time and they have lots of cafi??

‘s, bars and restaurants(this is good as then it gives a more cosmopolitan feel to the grown up and higher class people that my business is aiming for. )Every business needs to do market research as they say their main aim to satisfy its customers. This is easier then having to use hard sales techniques which can sometimes drive customers away. This way they can base their business on what is general people want so that they will bring in more customers.

Market research means systematically gathering, recording and analysing data about the market for goods and services. To find out what customers wants the businesses use a wide variety of market research techniques such as closed questionnaires, open questionnaires, statistics, surveys and interviews. For each business they find a different kind of market research most effective such as for a small company they might want to use small interviews with customers so they can get a more personal relationship with its customers.

Once having made a personnel specification you will be able to use it to make sure a job advertisement specifies the person you want, enable you to check the candidate for the job has the right qualities and check from time to time if the person in the job is doing what is required of them. Job Description Before advertising a job you need to think about what you want from the staff you are going to employ. Once they have analysed what they are looking for they can make a Job Description.

A job description is a particular statement setting out how an employee will fit in the business and what he/she will be doing. For example the job description for my business would be: Shop assistant The main purposes of the job will be to help the customer with their needs, to take money and cash in, bring and opinion into my business and to give general help within the shop. The sorts of decisions you will have to make are where to put the clothes in the shop to make it look its best, having to help the customers with their questions and what hours you would be able to make.

Advertising my shop in the right way is very important as it can bring in the customers or keep them away. If I want a certain type of customers coming to my shop than I will have to advertise in different places according to what it is that I want. There are many different forms of advertising some of these are the internet, Leaflets, going up to people in the street and putting advertisements in magazines. Interview

An interview is very important as it is the start to get to know what candidates that you have selected for the job and are the able to pick the ones that you want for the job. In interview it is very important to ask essential questions that will let you know if that person is the right one for the job. Some questions that you might want to ask are ones to do with how they feel about this job, are they reliable, have they got any previous experience, what they would like to get from the job and what are their good and bad attributes.

Job offer To offer the job you must have the right paper work such as contract as to how long they must stay etc. Also in the job offer you should then agree on hours and how much they should get paid. Training Once you have employed someone you will have to give them the correct training for what they will be doing. In my shop I will need to train them in customer care , how to use the tills, give the m some idea as to the clothes that we are going to be getting in.

T raining is very important to a business as it gives you the opportunity to make the best you can of your staff and ensure they know the correct procedures. Where will I advertise my job? I will advertise my shop in many different places I want to this so that I can get the best possible range of offers for my shop. This will benefit me as I will be able to get the best that there is. In order to achieve this I will advertise in magazines, the newspaper, websites and I will put leaflets through people’s doors.

Although I want a wide variety of people will only advertise in the surrounding area as I want people who are fairly local so then there won’t be a chance for them to be late to work. Terms and Conditions of Employment T he terms and conditions of the employment of my staff will each be the same to each person to create equal opportunities within the work place. I want to create terms and conditions so that I can refer to them when there is a problem within the workplace with my employee’s. I want the terms and conditions to be specific, equal and fair.

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