Managing Sports Events in Multi-Purpose Facilities

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With the advent of society???s appreciation and love for sports, it is not very surprising to note that there have been many sports events that are organized not just by big leagues and national sports associations. Even small companies now hold sports events for their employees. This may be due to ever-increasing awareness of the benefits of sports to physical fitness and individual well-being INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Derom, 2008). Simultaneously, with the growing love of mankind to sports comes the growing number of facilities where such events can be held. There has been the creation of the so-called multi-purpose facilities.

With these new locations, sports events can be held by sports directors of different organizations with ease. Multi-purpose facilities are locations that can redesign their spaces to meet various different events such as sports events INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Skolnik, 1995). Nowadays, to hold sports events in a very organized manner need not seek the specific requirements of a complex sports facility or arena. Suitable multi-purpose facilities will do the trick as long as certain amenities crucial to sports events are present. Thus, what are the specific attributes that an athletic director of a sports events need to seek in multi-purpose facilities?

Most important of all is the presence of an open-space much like an athletic arena where different sports events may take place. A gym should also be provided for indoor sports events. Furthermore, a swimming pool of appropriate size should be required. If possible, a separate basketball arena should be present. The multi-purpose facility should also have a small theater with a stage. Although this is not very crucial, its inclusion will give an impression that the sports fest is very professional in nature. This is because the mini theatre is supposed to be used as a podium that will open and end the sports fest.

Furthermore, the multi-purpose facility should have cafeterias and water stations available since food and water are crucial for the replenishment of the athletes. Benches and railings should also be present for expectators and coaches to rest on. Being the athletics director, the physical make-up of the facility should be that which resembles a sports facility. In addition, the fundamental concern will be that of the sports equipment that will be needed for the events. It is therefore, appropriate that a team or committee be founded to take care of this matter.

Another committee will also be formed that will be in charge of contracting judges and umpires for the different sports events. Furthermore, liaison officers will be appointed to communicate with the different athletes and sports teams so that a smooth flow of communication is available. Lastly, a team of first-aid medics should be available for the possibility that some athletes may get hurt during the events. It is also important that this medics team have a prominent place in the facility to officiate visibility within the grounds of the sports events.

Upon assigning the appointments of the different staff members of the athletic department to their respective teams, it is then proper that problem solving strategies be prepared in case such circumstances arise during the event despite the strict scheduling and planning. Some problems that may arise are inadequate sports equipment, time constraints and unavailability of certain key persons in the event. Thus, it is relevant that estimation of the needed equipment be done to ensure that everything is provided for. In addition, program should start at announced time to avoid lack of time.

Moreover, an information table should be provided with a sound system to announce upcoming sports events and any important changes in schedule. Summarily, sports events can be held even in multi-purpose facilities. Elite sports facilities may not be employed to cut on costs of the production. It is only a matter of a wise and well-thought decision so as to find the suitable facility for the sports event. In fact, multi-purpose facilities are excellent venues since such facilities represent the center piece of civic activity in the community INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Myles, 2004).


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