Managing Physical Resources

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The employers liability insurance will enable Muath Trust to be protect us as their employees from any risks and injuries and also protect themselves as an organisation from injury claims which can prove to be costly to the organisation. Moreover they would also be paying national insurances as they are a large organisation and workers work exceeds 36 hours a week.

Moreover Premises insurance protects objects and consumers within the premises from any damages; this again helps Muath Trust against claims etc… Moving on, the organisation I work for, will need to consider several laws as they will be liable and if laws are not abided then Muath Trust will face penalty in response. One of the laws are the consumer protection act, this protects us as employees and customers who are registered for the youth club from their information being passed on to a third party organisation as Muath Trust will be held liable for this. This law requires Muath Trust to keep information confidential, unless it is essential or are authorised to, by the individual personally.

The youth club I work for within the Muath Trust organisation will also have to go according to the sales of goods and service act 1982, as it requires the youth club to provide value for money and make sure the service the youth club is fit for purpose. So therefore, Muath Trust must not state misleading information about their club, e.g. the club has 3 snooker tables, and it really has 2. Or another example would be, if a person attends the youth club and pays �1 entrance fee, and they are told they can play on any of the props at the door, and when they enter, they realise they cannot play on the PS3.

Moreover the service must be up to standard as it will be breaching the law to have a youth club of many props such as snooker tables, table tennis, ps3, and half of the things are out of order. Muath Trust as the owner organisation of the youth club I work for must consider the disability discrimination act 1996 (DDA 1996) which requires Muath Trust to treat them the same as other and fairly. However Muath Trust are abiding by the law as they have disabled ramp access to the youth club, which shows that disabled people are thought and cared about, and have easy access to the premises.

They also offer disabled toilets and other facilities such as automatic doors, big signs to make it clear and easier to read and lifts. As employees within the youth club of Muath Trust, we were trained on the DDA 1996 as we have disabled youths come to the club so we are trained on how to make sure they are treated the same and how to provide the service to them, such as helping them out if they are on wheelchairs etc… This act has added to my knowledge of understanding the issues that need to be considered when a disabled consumer is present.

However, a major act that proves to be vital to abide is the health and safety act as the Muath Trust is a large organisation. Muath Trust will need to be considering the health and safety issues as they successfully are. Muath Trust have a health and safety certificate which symbolises their abidance to the law.

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