Managing business resources

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1) The reason behind a human resource plan is to ensure that the business organisation in this case u insure ltd can achieve its objectives through having available the correct mix of human resources. It involves taking into account the human resources which u insurance all ready has as well as ascertaining the futile requirements of the organisation.

2) External recruitment refers to the organisation in this case u insure looking for people to recruit outside of the organisation. These people can bring new ideas to u insure ltd. There are many different ways of advertising for external recruitment, these include newspapers and magazines.

But if u insure ltd decides to use internal recruitment this refers to them looking for someone who is all ready part of the organisation to fill a vacancy. This could also be known as promotion this way saves money which could be spent on advertising if u insure ltd was doing an external recruitment for the open vacancy.

3) Three methods of external recruitment that u insure ltd could use in order to hire staff to work within the customer call centre are advertising in newspapers and magazines. This is the most common way of externally advertising a vacancy. Another method would be the training and employment agency. This agency has an office which is run in major towns by the government. These offices display jobs on the windows and the inside walls of the office. People who seek work are encouraged to come in. the staff will arrange appointments at firms for the people who are interested in the job. Private employment agencies are also used to help businesses such as u insure ltd to recruit staff. They could approach the agency that provides workers that are interviewed by the agency or the firm or both.

4) the merits of using internal recruitment methods within u insure ltd, in order to hire staff to work within the customer call centre are employees all ready know how the things in the organisation operate so they will save the organisation money because it takes them shorter periods of time for settling in and becoming fully operational, u insure ltd will be less disrupted, internal recruitment can act as motivation or as an incentive to employees to work harder within the organisation and the strengthens and weaknesses of a current employee will all ready have been assessed.

5) U insure ltd could use application forms. These are used as a starting point for a selection procedure. The applicants are given the same information in a standard form. This way the sorting out process is made easier, it is used for short listing and interviewing. A letter of application is also an option; it can be used for instead of application a form but now days they are being used less frequently, this is due to the Equality commission because they recommend that application forms are used for recruitment and selection instead. A C V can also be used. This involves a detailed history of individuals’ personal details, qualifications, previous employment experience, membership of relevant bodies and leisure interests as well as two people who are prepared to act as referees. All of the above could be used to recruit and retain suitably qualified staff for vacancies at the customer call centre.

6) A business such as U insure ltd should have an induction programme for new staff working at the call centre because it saves money in the long run. An induction involves introducing new employees to the organisation, making sure that they know about the organisation and its objectives, rules and regulations. In an induction programme it gives a new employee the chance to meet other workers and are shown the skills that they must learn. So when they start they make less mistakes which saves money.

7) On the job training is when the employee learns new skills through experiences at work. Based within the organisation, it is the simplest form of training. The advantages of on the job training include: its cheap, the worker is learning while in the working environment. The cons of the on the job training is that the person who is training the employee may not be good at their job or they may have the wrong attitude and so the trainee may learn bad hobbits.

As for off the job training it is when the employees learn through attending courses. The pros for this training include: if the trainee makes mistakes it doesn’t matter, the trainee should be properly trained because specialist instructors carry out the training so they are trained to do it the correct way, the trainee can learn at their own pace and their progress can be carefully monitored, the cost of training is simple to establish and lastly the trainee can gain a recognised qualification. But the cons of the job training are that is more expensive than on the job training, the trainee is not learning in the environment that they will be eventually working in and lastly the equipment used may be different and so the trainee ,ay have to re learn on returning to the workplace.

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