Managing and Developing People

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These aspects would make the findings for knowing why the member took the training programme and if they gained any skills or knowledge when on the programme. Alongside with what troubles arose when carrying out the training. Interviewee Description The member which I will be interviewing is a 26 year old female called Miss Georgina McDonald who is smart and civilised. She is hard working and likes to socialise with peers and friends. She is able meet deadlines and able to work under pressure when a great load of work is put upon her. The work which Miss Georgina McDonald would train for would be to use the cash machine at Asda. Miss Georgina has had previous skill from her last job where she had to cash up all the finances of her fathers business on a daily basis. She has good numeric qualifications in which will benefit her for any job.

Job Role In Miss Georgina’s previous job she had to cash up all the money which was done in her fathers business and had to input the tight figures so that it couldn’t affect the accounts for the business. Her father had made her do the financing as she had the qualifications for maths and was able to count up properly. In Asda the job role which she would want to do is being at the cashing machine as this is one of the good things she is capable of doing.

Identifying Reason for being on Training Programme The environment in which everyone does business in is changing constantly, the knowledge and skill needed for the job will also change. The individual to be on the training programme is so she can improve her skill on how to work on the cash machine.

Training for using the cash machine is very essential as proper calculations are compulsory. Asda wants to make sure that who ever work in the cashier section is well trained and have no problems being able to carry out tasks on how to manage the cashier. This is taken as one of the important parts in a business as finance’s can not go wrong. Asda pushes on getting the individual well trained to be able to manage any troubles caused by being able to find out where she has gone wrong. All this matters in training and what they should be taught, what they need to collect how much, they need to give and if they go wrong somewhere how they can cover it.

Miss Georgina was given the training as she did not have any cashier skills which would guide her alongside with the job. She had to be given a good level of training so that she could manage a till properly. Miss Georgina had been given the training because she knew without any previous skill or knowledge she would not be able to run a till. There were appraisals with Miss Georgina which helped her with the running and to tell her of any mistakes she was making and setting out objectives for the next appraisal.

Description of Training Method For the individual to be on a training programme is so they can handle the work place more efficiently and work with what ever they have been given with best of ability. Usually young people who have left or still studying go on training programmes as it gives them the knowledge and motivation in life. Training methods come useful in the future as it shows what the individual has achieved and what they can offer to the business. Training comes in different form for e.g….

Induction – An induction usually is the best way for people getting involved into activities in a new environment. This helps them to know the new place and be familiar with the others. This helps peoples confidence and be able to communicate with members. In Asda it is essential to give a new comer an Induction this is so that they would get familiar with any health and safety aspects and know where any fire exits are located. In many cases induction days are taken so that individuals can get to know the workforce which they in. This helps build confidence and gain a good communication.

Job Shadowing – This training method is known as an activity which many organisation make employees do when doing a task. This activity can make an individual carry out a task and make them improve on in by someone senior watching or they could do the task by their own skill and be told what they could do better from improving the method. Asda would not use a job shadow to know what the member is capable of doing and how they would increase the skill by telling them what to do.

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