Managing and Developing People – Training

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There are many training programmes that teachers can do within the college in order to gain more knowledge or qualifications to do their job to a better standard. The teachers have to be trained in order to do their teaching effectively people have to learn in order to develop. In the college there is a human resources department and they should have a large responsibility of training and development.

The college should make sure that the employees are trained to their full potential in the college and are used in the most productive way, this can benefit both the college and the employees however training and development also have an impact on staff motivation and turnover. There are different training methods such as induction training, on the job training and off the job training. All the different methods have a range of techniques that are used. Induction training can be one of the most important steps that the college do in the training process.

Mathew Boulton College get the employees in the college to familiarise them with the organisation. With the employees doing this they may become more comfortable with the college and may settle in and become more productive. The other type of training is on the job training which the college have or should adopt. This is where a inexperienced employee can watch another member of staff with more experience do the job so that they can learn from them then the employee can put into practice what she or he as learned. Mentoring schemes match an experienced with a less experienced employee so that they are more experienced.

The mentor can act as an advisor and guide the trainee. There is also shadowing which aims to give trainees experience of working in different departments in the college they follow and watch others do the job at hand. The other type of training is off the job training could take place away from the college and the normal work environment and involve the trainee taking courses with an external instituation. There can be internal forms of off the job training which include things like induction training and attendance on courses run by the colleges own staff or by outside trainers using the colleges own facilities.

The people that are taking off the job training are unproductive during the time of training. The external forms of off the job training can be courses that are run by professional training organisations which can be expensive for example the college could send the staff on training courses in enhance their skills. There are many programmes that the college offer to their staff the first one is CPD this stand for continuous professional development for teachers this has many courses such as disability training where it teachers the staff how to deal with disabled people and other things such as child protection.

This is internally within the college and has no qualification but gives the teachers more knowledge and experience. The time of the course is usually done in a day though. Another training programme that the college adopt is teacher training which also can be all PGCE or a cert Ed this course is post 16 this course consists of written assignments and an English exam.

The other training is management courses and is for line managers it is from edexcel level 2 which are GCSE standard to level 7 which is equivalent to a master’s degree it is post graduate for managers. The college also give the DMS course which is the diploma in management studies. They have to ensure that the right people are on the course the time management is good they meet deadlines there is a external awarding body to check that the DMS is going right.

The course provides people with skills and qualities that they need in order to become an effective manager. After the qualification has been done there is the chance to top up the level to a masters level. This course is recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Successful graduates are eligible for Associate Membership of the CMI and you will have the chance to upgrade to full member status depending on your management experience. I have chosen to examine the DMS training course in the college to see if it is effective training programme.

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