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Rolls Royce pc has many departments, the most well known is the Rolls Royce Motors, however this is know owned my BMW who bought the name for 40 million in 1999 . Rolls-Royce plc is a global company providing power on land, sea and air. The company has established leading positions in civil aerospace, defence, marine and energy markets. All these are major departments or branches under the same name.

Within Rolls Royce it has many departments; first of all as it is a manufacturing company it has a production department. This is the most important department within Rolls Royce due to it been a manufacturing company. For this this to work this area needs a finance department to control funds going into production. Within all businesses you have inputs, business activity which finally produces an output.

Inputs can include materials needed, labour costs and capital expenses. Once the input is in the business functions or departments are created. For example a distribution department in Rolls Royce, its functions are to take responsibility for packing of goods, despatch of goods and the transport of goods. Other departments include a sales and marketing department which functions are to do market research and sale monitoring. Most important to the employees is the Human Resources Department or HRM their functions include the paying of wages and staff training. For a large company like Rolls Royce to work it is essential for it to have departments with specific functions. These functions help the company in meeting their objectives. For instants the sales and marketing department carries out market research on a specific product. The company can look at the results to improve customer satisfaction.

However none of the departments would work without each other, as on e area can control the other. E.g. Finance and production departments In terms of helping them achieve there objectives the HRM department is essential when working to a schedule as it has the ability to report on staff morale. If it is high it is more likely they are going to produce more quality products. The sales and marketing department can help in achieving the aftermarket service objective as it is able to contact customers or notify them if they are having problems with there products.

Looking at Rolls Royce it has a Democratic Paternalistic style of management. Although it has department it has one group of people within the company that make all the decisions. This is why the control can be said to be more centralised which means control is at the top and not spread out between the subordinates. This means that the subordinates get less freedom. The extreme right of management styles is an authoritarian style; this style is most noticeable in the military. Rolls Royce all though not extreme right it is definitely further right than left as it has a chairman and a Chief Executive who overlook the decisions.

The other extreme in management styles is a lasses-faire style that almost gives a 100% control of the company to the workers. It is the opposite of authoritarian and has a more decentralised system where power is delegated to the employer. The styles of management are summed up in McGregor’s Theory Y and X. Theory X focuses on the autocratic style where motivation is created through fear and money there is a negative perception of workers, which can create staff motivation problems. On the other hand McGregor’s Theory Y describes best a laissez-faire style of leadership. It is the total opposite of his Theory X.

It has a positive perception of the worker. This environment creates enjoyment and satisfaction. This means they have to accept responsibility for there work as there is no one else to blame. But it can cause a lack of motivation if the workers are not told what to do and more often than not they abuse the freedom of this style of leadership. Rolls Royce is neither one of these two theories but it considers itself to be more towards the McGregor X theory of management. Another form of measuring management styles is through the Tannenbaum and Schmidt Continuum.

Manager Manager Tells Delegates This shows that as the role of the manger decreases the role of the worker increases and vice versa. As shown on the diagram Rolls Royce Plc is further to the right. It is known as the manger sells technique where the people at the top make the decision but invite questions form the workers. It is also hard to pinpoint an exact culture to Rolls Royce Plc; I think after researching the company it is a cross between all four different types of culture Power, Person, Task and Role.

It is a Power culture because of its mangers at the top of the business. This type of culture is normally linked with an autocratic or authoritarian style of management. As the onlookers not the workers make all the decisions. However it is not solely a power culture as it has many leaders at the top therefore becoming more of a role culture where the emphasis is on the position of the individuals in the hierarchy.

Also found within this culture, which describes Rolls Royce is that it has many departments run by leaders that all work under one name for the same goal. This is true because of the many different branches found in under the Rolls Royce name such as aerospace, marine and energy. This leads onto looking at a task culture where a team environment is used to create products. A person culture can be found inside the factory based part of the company as people who are skilled in certain areas make their own decisions however it does not change much to the overall culture Overall I think that Rolls Royce is mainly a role culture as most manufacturing companies are seen to and proven to be, this type of culture. Within this company in the production department in the factories each worker does his own job, which overall are headed by a senior management team who overlook the final product been produced.

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