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How management styles help meet Vodafones objectives, performance and operation: Autocratic: this would help Vodafone as managers plan and control the activity of the team as a whole. This would mean people would know who to turn to if they where in trouble. This would not apply to Vodafone because Vodafone care for its welfare of its employees and it would like its staff to be motivated. One of Vodafones objectives is to maximise sales and to produce high quality products. In order to produce these high quality products staff need to be motivated and have a good network of communication between other workers, in order to maximise sales.

The performance is being meet well as the workers have tired to keep good communication network, and they also tried to keep there staff motivated. Democratic: This would apply to Vodafone as mangers have all the plan and authority. This type of management style tends to be more concentrated with its employees which means they are motivated at work and also they have a say. This would help achieve Vodafones objectives as it cares for its workers by providing them with care whilst at work and also as they work as a team employees have there say. Many of the objectives are being meet well, because Vodafone care for its workers as they provide many benefits for them and also if a new product was to be introduced into the market Vodafones employees will know weather or not the product is going to sell. When employees have there say, they are more motivated as they know, they are not being left out.

The performance here is being meet well as staff have there say, and the products will be at a high quality and they will sell well in the market as employees have had there say. Laissez-faire: I think this would also apply to Vodafone as they work as a team to carry out functions and tasks for e.g. what customers want?. This type of management style would help Vodafone meets its objectives. This objective is being meet because here they are carrying out research and development this means they are gathering information from people and producing a product, by analysing information. Once the product is made they will carry out research again weather to see if it suits peoples needs.

Here the performance is being carried out well because they are producing product what people require. Also by doing this they are maximising profits and increasing market share.Technical economies; large organisations use technologies and equipment which small scale products cannot. For example When Vodafone had old machinery they had Three machines each producing 2300 units per week at the unit cost OF �9.00. As the company became larger and made more profit Vodafone where able to replace the old machinery with the new. One machine which produces 9600 units a week at a lower cost of � 5.50 this is much more cheaper as you are produced more with one machine then you did with three machines.

Customer service This is important in any organisation because you need to keep your customers satisfied and keep good contact with them in order to keep long term relationship which is an advantage to Vodafone. Here are a number of ways in which organisation try to achieve this: Needs of organisation: The achievement of customer satisfaction should be a major objective of the organisation. Vodafone in order to achieve customer satisfaction should sell the right product at the right price at the right place, which will help it achieve an increase in its market share.

Needs of customers -customer care: Many people have a need, it is therefore the sales persons responsibility to try to make contact and make a sale. Vodafone in order to attract more people it provides offers and services. They do this in order to gain new customers and to try to aware existing customers aware of new offers as the could have an free upgrade which would mean Vodafones potential customers would come back so they cold make a profit.  Point of sales service: Training to the employee could help Vodafone in the ways in which they could help in customers wants in which the products and services they acquire. If the customer may have a complaint Vodafone cannot refund the good but could give a free exchange as they have a 1 year guarantee on each of its products. Vodafone try to avoid this from occurring as they try to satisfy its customers from when they buy there products.

Product knowledge: The workers of Vodafone should be aware of all the types of products they sell and also should now what the main features of the product are. The only way you could satisfy the customer is by customer satisfaction on the product knowledge which would mean more sales made if they provide customer care. After sales service: This is the main element of customer service in any type of organisation. For example if a customer buys a Mobile from Vodafone and within the year of its guarantee something happens on the phone the customer has the right to go back to any Vodafone shop or phone customer services to help them about there query. By doing this Vodafone try to keeps its customers satisfied and try to avoid disappointment. If Vodafone does not cover aspects such as spare parts, servicing technical advice or replacement of a faulty good they could easily lose competition with other Mobile phone operators.

Quality concludes goods and services in terms of what they actually get. There are three stages of development in quality which are: 1) Quality controls 2) Quality assistance (QA) 3) Total quality management (TQM) Quality Controls: This is with concerned with finding and cutting all components or products that fall below set targets. It takes place after the product has been made. It is then carried out by inspectors who try to stop errors from occurring if any errors have occurred during the production of the product and if an inspector find an error he/she will find out where the errors is happening and will try to stop it from occurring. For example the inspectors of Vodafone found an error during the production of the mobile phone they well exactly find out where the error is and try to over come the problem, to ensure the quality of the product is satisfactory.

Total Quality management (TQM) goes without quality assurance. This is mainly concerned with quality culture. This will mean every employee will ask for any query to pleasure its customers. This means that customers are always at the center of the production process. This means that Vodafone will try to provide its customers with what they want. It also involves moving and changing customer requirements and fashion and design products and services that meet and satisfy their requirements.

TQM is the whole form of operations management. Vodafone encourages its employees in the workplace to think all about quality in everything they produce. Every employee is set a target which is to satisfy each customer, and also to put them at the center of the production process. ISO 9000: This is when you bring its administration system in line with published standards which is known as ISO 9000. It sets targets and strict standards for management such as: quality controls, after sales service, and systems of internal documentation. All these standards will try and meet customer requirements.

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