Management style

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Adams uses a hierarchical structure this is the traditional way of developing an organisation that was so much popular for companies of the twentieth century. It was popular because the century saw the growth of very large organisations that, in the days prior to the widespread use and application of information and communication technology, were thought to be appropriate because they could ensure command and control of an organisation. Hierarchical organisations were managed by detailed systems and procedures, and systems thinking dominated much of the thinking about how the organisation should be run.

The hierarchy in Adams is the order of the business is the order or level of management, from the lowest to the highest rank. It shows the chain of command within the organisation. Orders pass down the levels and information passes up. It is generally held that, the greater the number of levels in the hierarchy the less effective in communication process is. You could also say that Adams does use centralised and decentralised structure but a bit of as you can at the top is the managing director but the rest is spaced with everybody at the bottom sharing the same responsibilities as regional managers as you can see the span of control the does not have many layers but at the top there is a lot of power between the M.D and the head of retail but the regional managers also have power within there region.

Management style

Adams management style is consultative managers are ones who seek to consult other people before making a decision. Alternatively, they will seek to consult people before implementing a decision. This type of manager wants to draw on more sources of opinion than just him or herself. The consultative manager will have listening skills and so the ability to create the right sorts of channels to consult other people. In Adams their are a series of mechanisms e.g. newsletters, team briefings suggestion box etc. that makes it possible to get the concerns of the people involved in the decision making process.

This is a advantage because then the people lower down the organisation structure will have a chance to put in what they think can be improved so that they don’t feel left out when decisions are being made and to get as many opinions as possible before taking any action to what needs to be improved. You could also say that Adams also uses a democratic approach, which involves giving individuals responsibility to make decisions, but to a controlled amount this will then hold the individual or team is accountable for the decision that it chooses to make. Adams does use this approach to a certain amount. This would mean that workers are given more responsibility and more freedom to make open decisions and they would feel more involved then they actually are.

How the organisational structure, culture, and management style help to meet its objectives.

The management style would help Adams to achieve its objectives as it gives individuals more power to make decisions making them feel important so therefore they will want to work harder to return the favour by working harder it will improve their customer service and in turn show effect on the amount of profits that they make. This has given the employee motivation where by the performance of that employee has improved which will then make other employees want to work harder.

The structure is a key factor in achieving business objectives because everybody need to know where they belong on the structure this is very will explained at Adams so when each person at every level knows their objective it would mean their would be successful but if someone has misunderstood their role in the structure then it would result in Adams failing the set objectives. The role culture this is important so that employees know what is expected from them so they know what to do when they get to work instead of asking the manager this gives the manager to look at the way operations are handled in Adams. Role culture also helps Adams as that they can then achieve their objectives and they will know the standard of performance they must reach to achieve these

Adams Communication

Adams uses all variety of communication methods from formal and informal, which will mean giving out official meetings, memos, newsletters Informal communications are ones that take place that are not part of the officially Adams. This does not mean informal communications are necessarily negative or anti organisational most of the good work in Adams is carried out by employees taking into their own hands and coming up with ideas that directly benefit Adams. Research into the nature of communications in Adams indicates it is important to have both formal and informal communication.

The manager may break information to employees through team briefings, but full understanding of what management has had to say may come about only through informal discussions and conversations have and educative impact within Adams and most managers recognise the importance of informal communications networks. There is a danger of misleading information being spread along. This happens when plans are being made. Individuals involved in the informal communications networks may deliberately distort messages or, through lack of understanding of what is going on, may give confusing information. That is why it is important to know what is happening so that you will be able to apply what you have been told into the objectives that need to be completed. If there is a error or a misunderstanding as I have already mentioned then it would mean that those objectives have been failed or not completed due to the communication or another factor.

Impact of ICT on internal and external communications Adams uses ICT mainly from their head office which is based in Worchester to receive emails from supplier’s customers and other people who are stakeholders inside Adams. Adams also has its own website where you can look at the clothes that Adams sells and the history of Adams where details are published for public viewing. They can also buy the products online from Argos Additions catalogue which is available online.

This will then have a great impact for Adams seeing as Argos Additions will have to pay them for the goods and the customers are happy to have the clothes delivered to them at their door. Also the telephone where customers are able to phone up and ask queries and comments if there is any complaints also E-mail therefore external communications has improved greatly customers can use a range of methods to get in contact with Adams ranging from letters, E-mail, phone, fax these have improved Adams communication greatly.

ICT has changed the means of communicating because it has saved time for example sending E-mails you can send many E-mails at any one time instead of phoning each place individually. Another thing is that it makes it much easier for Adams because they can look at their website and see what their prices are so that they are able to match their prices instead of having to go around asking which is time consuming.

ICT has made Adams able to communicate on a wider scale so that it is able to reach everyone and has certainly saved Adams a huge amount of money. Also there are internal phones which helps if something is not available on display they can call someone upstairs to go and get it for them. ICT also enhanced communications internally as now information can get sent from the region manager to the manager instantly saving the region manager time and extra costs for transport.

Strengths of ICT It is more secure to use the internet where you know everything gets sent directly unlike posting where it can be time consuming and has to go through different procedures where it might get lost. It will make mistakes less likely to happen as it is written down especially when ordering from the suppliers and you have a copy of the Email sent a huge strength is that it will save a large deposit of money for a Adams. Customers can order over the Internet, which saves them the hassle of having to go out with their kids to purchase the clothes.

Weakness of ICT There are very little weakness such as their might be a system error on the computer or a bug which makes it difficult to make the computer operational another hazard is the Email might not be received by the recipient. You could say overall the strengths out weight the weakness and that ICT is worth using over conventional methods such as Posting.


Adams carries very little of these functions they do finance by taking the money to the bank and paying it in checking how much they have made Adams carries out the finance, and some of the Human resource. Most of this is carried out at head office where the employees make certain products and designs, marketing these products and all the administration work and the research and development into new products get carried out there as well.

Finance helps Adams to meet its objectives by making sure that there is enough money coming into the business and less going out. Adams keeps a detailed record of all money paid in and out and present the final balance sheet, sources and uses of funds, profit and loss account, and other financial records at regular intervals. At Adams only the manager clears the money at different times to avoid any criminal acts by any workers. Adams accounts are stored on computers this information gets sent through to the main HQ at Worchester through a company networking system it is usually done by the area manager.

The management accounting duties is carried out at Worchester after it has received all of our information it is then there responsibility to direct the company in certain directions hopefully the right ones, this is based on figures which they receive and current predictions to make future predictions. Management accounts at Worchester will break down figures, to extract information about the present performance and what sorts of improvement can be made in the future. Every thing that happens at Adam in the head office will find out about it so it is important that they inform them if the business is making a loss so the finance side of the business is probably the most important because if you don’t have enough security the business will not survive so it is very important to maintain this so the business will meet its objectives.

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