Management, Maintenance and Security

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Security adds to the cost of doing business, but will save us money in the long term. People will make mistakes, it is easy to forget to log off, forget to change passwords and all because they are usually in a hurry. We could make sure that all staff as part of an induction programme learn about internet security. We can protect our information by ensuring back-up procedures are in place and to check the data and restoration process regularly. Back-up procedures should also include finance and payroll then store all master copies of software in a secure off site location.

Managing a website should be performed by all key members of staff and meetings held often to discuss relevant topics such as risks, legal issues, additions and deletions of products and customer feedback. Once our website is up and running all customers who view and use it will expect the information to be accurate and informative every time they visit our site. Each section and each type of information stored will require updating or reviewing maybe daily, weekly, or monthly.

Even making small improvements such as adding new text not just updating the old text can make a difference, adding new pictures or a video link to a new product line. We could also register with search engines we have never registered before. Codes of practice are a business’s form of self-regulation. There are organisations which monitor business behaviour on the internet, company’s such as www. safebuy. org. uk to qualify for membership of this scheme internet businesses are required to adhere to certain regulations and codes for their online business.

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