Mall Cop

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My inspiration to become a police officer came from watching the movie “Mall Cop” in 2009. A little introduction to what this movie is all about, this movie was starred by Kevin James who plays a role of a middle-aged man, a single parent living with his teenage daughter and works as a security guard in a shopping mall. His was Paul Blart, the mall’s security officer. Paul Blart aspires to become a member of the New Jersey State Police.

However, due to his health conditions, he could not go through the admissions exams successfully. This movie has inspire me in a way on how one can become so dedicated into serving the people and doing good deeds. I have always wanted to dress smartly, to look professional in uniforms and also to serve the society that we live in today. I have always had the urge to wanting to keep the world we live in today save and secured from all harms.

I have always seen myself in the mirror as the hero of the people. In this movie, his duty and responsibility as a mall officer had further inspired me and showed how to never give up in life when faced with adversity. Given his health conditions, he is still dedicated and willing to take upon such challenging job in life, dedicating his life on the line into saving others. This was clearly shown when a gang of criminals suddenly broke into the mall through the service entrance at a bank inside the mall.

Blart, who was told to leave the mall immediately when this situation occurred, did not leave and yet decides to rescue the hostages taken by the criminals. This just portrays how brave one can be when it comes to saving the people. This gives me the motivation to excel further in life through bravery and courage. There will be hardships in life that will break you down to earth but when you think of your loved ones, it gives you the purpose in life that you had forgotten and it will push you to propel further.

This is what I see in becoming a police officer and why it this movie had inspire me to become one. At the end of the movie, Sergeant Howard from the New Jersey State Police offered Blart a position in the force which he had always wanted. Even though he rejected the offer, the moral of the story tells you that if you persevere through hardship, you will be very successful at the end of it. It is true this movie that I have learned a lot of things and how it has inspired me to become a police officer.

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