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When you come to ABC Fun, you will realize that you have stepped into the world of learning tools for children. Though this is no longer a novel concept, language based developmental and learning tools are hard to come by even now. That is what we aim to provide in our site and what sets us apart from others. The teaching materials at our site are unique. They are all playing based. Thus, one would be playing and learning at the same time. If you are still skeptical of what to find at our online store, come and explore the different sections of the abc legetøj or educational toys. Here you will see not only toys and materials for the education of children from the age of 0 to 12 years, but even tools for motor play stimulation, social interaction, language development and others.

You might wonder whether the educational toys would be effective for introduction in your primary and secondary level schools. Is rest assured that such toys and materials for education have been developed in collaboration with teachers, educational consultants as well as speech therapists? Every individual group has a large role to play in the development of the different skills in children. They also have the right experience for designing educational toys for children.

Take some time to explore what we have here. The different tools and materials are divided into sections and categories for easy browsing. What is more, we would love to keep you updated with news of new toys and material that are introduced at our site from time to time. Sign up for any of the three news groups at the site and get updated regularly. We understand the need of teachers to have something new, innovative and fun for children every few months or so

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