Major improvements in global communication systems

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Major improvements in global communication systems have also led to increasing global transactions and international trade of imports and exports. International trade agreement and trading blocs such as European Union and ASEAN have been set up to facilitate the growth of economic transactions between countries. Evidence of internationalization can be seen in major cities in both MEDC and LEDC’s such as London and Bangkok. Major international movement of immigrants from Eastern Europe such as Polish people to London have led to an increased supply of manual jobs and help increased economic growth of England as well as widening its cultural diversity such as food and entertainment.

Due to developments of global communication systems the increased numbers of tourists and foreign businesses have led to an increasing number of foreigners bringing along with them cultures such as food and entertainment. As it is easy to find a wide of range of international dishes whether it is Italian, Mexican or Japanese. This has also led to increasing number of foreign language newspaper too.

Globalization has also led to increase in cultural diversity and at the same time loss of cultural identity. For instance, Bhutan, a small Buddhist country located in a remote area of the Himalayas between India and China have experienced both positive and negative changes from the legislation if television in 1999. Before 1999, Bhutan was a country of monoculture deeply associated with peace and religions and was bared exposed to the outside world. It had the culture of protectionism.

However, not long after television broadcasting was legal, the first ever crimes and conflicts were recorded, and people were abandoning their religious duties and beliefs. Both adults and children were heavily influenced by foreign movies, shows and advertisements. This has led to a change of culture to a more westernized and modernized one; people stopped wearing traditional dresses and switched to western clothes. The advertising on TV also led to a culture of consumerism which is heavily displayed in the western world, now people in Bhutan want luxury goods like washing machines and Mercedes which they cannot afford. However, it seems that only a small group of Bhutanese people have managed to receive western knowledge through news without devaluing their own cultures. Therefore, is arguable that local audiences are secured within their own culture and it is the role of the government to filter what the unwanted western influences.

Statistically, US films dominated 64% of European market and are forcing local production businesses to go out of business. Western media producers have destroy values and diverse culture as they import images of lifestyles, social relations that are incompatible with local customs. It has also been argued that movies also play an important role in changing people’s attitudes and perceptions as movies largely from the West has become more accessible and is liable to increase in the future. For example, when Superman was shown in Shanghai in 1986, the Chinese population was astounded by the skylines of American cities which led experts to believe that this has influenced a large number of Chinese to support U.S style economic development in their country. This is clearly an evidence of fall of communism and advancement of capitalism.

On the other hand, some argued that the world should be a place of democratic society whereby information should be accessed by everyone and that information are shared. Moreover, it is believed that this will be the cause of over 2000 of the world’s 6000 languages to disappear over the next 100 years. There are important evidences that modernization, westernization, capitalism, internationalization and cultural imperialism have occurred throughout the world due improvements of global communications.

Nonetheless, globalization has brought many negative and positive impacts to different parts of the world. To certain extent, integration of the world’s economy have brought many benefits to both sides but nonetheless, it is arguable whether this have led to a clearer wealth- north and south divide gap. There is also a plurality of interpretations of western media and other influences as some believe that it would lead to cultural imperialism whereby one culture, probably US culture is dominating others. It is difficult to justify whether globalization have benefited which countries or individuals more.

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