Maintaining and Improving Customer Service

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It is fundamental to the success of Disneyland Paris that they are able to generate a high quality level of customer service, and once this is reached they must make sure they are able to maintain and continuously monitor this high quality level. This is significant to the success of Disneyland, as if they didn’t monitor and maintain this high quality level of customer service, then it may affect the service being provided in a negative way meaning Disneyland Paris will lose some customers. The outcome of this unlikely event would be that Disneyland Paris would see the number of sales drop and very few repeat customers, leading to a decrease in revenue and therefore profit. If this situation happened then Disneyland Paris would face serious consequences, and this is something Disneyland Paris does not need as it is already in a lot of financial debt.

Monitoring Customer Service There are several ways in which Disneyland Paris checks and monitors the high quality standard of customer service in which they provide. Firstly Disneyland Paris uses training to ensure and monitor customer service is to the correct standard and carries out regular training for employees. This is key when checking and monitoring customer service levels because if employees were incorrectly trained and were unsure about certain area surrounding their job and how Disneyland Paris expects them to present them selves then they would need re-training or require additional training about certain aspects they were unsure of.

Disneyland Paris carries this training out in their Disneyland University. This technique of monitoring customer service also relates to mystery shoppers, this would is because any employees who have received a bad report from the mystery shopper and consequently affecting the high quality level of customer service provided will require further training, which they would receive from Disney’s university.

Another method Disneyland Paris use to monitor customer service is using mystery shoppers as a method of inspection and monitoring customer service. This involves a quality assurance employee of Disneyland or hired externally to dress up as an ordinary customer and evaluate the level of customer service which their current staff are providing customers with. The quality assurance employee will be looking for particular characteristics from cast member employed by Disneyland Paris such as; politeness, how considerate they are and if they present themselves well. If this was found not to be up to standard and the quality assurance employee was not pleased with the level of service they were provided with then they would report their findings to members of the management team at Disneyland Paris managers who will then look into the issues and find solutions.

An additional technique which Disneyland Paris exercises to monitor the level of customer service involves using real life situations. These would take place at the Disneyland Paris University and would place the cast members in real life situations which may involve awkward customers shouting and trying to argue with cast members. This method of monitoring customer service would enable cast members to deal with the situation calmly and avoid any trouble or arguments they may have to face, it is important that cast member are prepared for any situation which may arise in the resort it self.

The final method I have identified which monitor the level of customer service given would be by having managers inputting regularly. This would involve managers at Disneyland Paris to supervise cast members and advise them of any appropriate ways to improve the level of customer service or highlight any faults or negative points they may be doing and suggest ways in which they can improve. This would be a cost effective method of monitoring the level of customer service and can be easily carried out, it would also mean that cast members get the experience of on the job training. This would enable cast members to learn while they are actually working and providing services for Disneyland Paris. This would help to increase sales and revenue for Disneyland Paris.

Maintaining Customer Service

There are also a number of methods which Disneyland Paris uses to focus on maintaining their exceptional high level of customer service. The first method Disneyland Paris could use to maintain a high level of customer service is by hiring the best possible candidates for the job. This is achieved by Disneyland Paris’s thoroughly conducted and extensive recruitment scheme. The recruitment scheme for cast members focuses on skills and the motivation to work for Disneyland Paris. Cast members become part of the philosophy and by demonstrating a high level of dedication to their jobs; they receive the gratitude of customers and therefore maintain the motivation level. This would be important when maintaining a high level of customer service as customer service depends upon satisfying the customer by meeting and exceeding their set expectations.

Other methods of how Disneyland Paris maintains a high level of customer service focal points are the length of time customers have to queue for the various rides and attractions. In order for Disneyland Paris to maintain the high standards Disneyland have now created ‘fast passes’ which can be purchased by any customer. This ‘fast pass’ system has been developed and is proven to reduce waiting times for attractions by approximately 50% and has received a high percentage rating for satisfaction from customers. It allows customers access to all of the major rides such as Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster starring Aerosmith,’ It’s A Small World’ and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. There is also Hopper Ticket’s which can be purchased, these tickets allow customers to have access to both Disney parks whenever they wish.

A further way in which Disneyland Paris could monitor the customer service level would consist of their internal complaints measures. Disneyland Paris has ‘back room’ employees who specifically deal with customer relations and any inconveniences which may occur. Below is a quote from the Disneyland website which highlights the responsibility Disneyland Paris’s ‘back room’ staff will face: “The team which is directly responsible for guest relations is located in City Hall. The aim of this team is to provide “care” for clients by dealing quickly with customer problems or making special arrangements for groups when required. ”

This is central when trying to maintain a high level of customer service as any complaints whether it be from internal or external customers must be dealt accordingly with and quickly rectified. This would help to maintain a high level of customer service as it would mean that all customers and employees would feel appreciated when their issues have been dealt with. If Disneyland Paris can productively attain this and make customers and employees feel valued then they will be more likely to repeat custom at the Disneyland Paris Resort or be more motivated in their job role. Both of these situations would help to increase the productivity of the work force, increase sales and revenue and maintain a high level of customer service for Disneyland Paris.

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