Main Business Activities

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The Operations department is responsible for organisations and obtain resources for the business to function effectively. Production is the economic activity needed for the manufacture of a product. Production is responsible for providing goods that meet the publics’ demands. Asda has its own company production. It has its own brand clothes, and food packaging, only for bakery they make and fish. Resources or factors Of production Land Enterprise Factories Capital Offices Labour Farms

The production department make sure that all their products that are sold are to be the highest quality goods, so therefore of their products are good; it will make the customers happy which will lead to more revenue. They check their quality by quality control (QC) and by quality assurance (QA). The quality control would inspect, sample and test quality at various points in the manufacture of a product or delivery of a service. Quality assurance is checked during or after production, however they also use organisation approaches to quality, which then makes quality a responsibility for everyone.

For great quality assurance, total quality management (TQM) is recognised as important in every business, if a business wants to increase its sales and meet its customer’s demands. Production is the economic activity needed to manufacture or create products (goods or services) with exchange value, i. e. which people are willing to buy. The function of production is to change inputs to outputs, i. e. produce the goods and services that are to be bought by customers. After sale services are only available after a customer has made a purchase.

Pre-sales services are for customers who have not yet purchased. Customer service is the way in which the organisation deals with its customers. Effective customer service is the key to the success of every business. It is used to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It is an essential part of non-price competition and a means of differentiating the organisation from its competitors. Every business should aim to achieve continuous improvement in its customer service as a way of achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Customer services are a part of marketing. They have to deal with customer complaints and customer issues. Customer services also have to seek to ensure customers are satisfied with goods or services. They either purchase or consider doing so. They also provide credit facilities, which allow customers to borrow money. Asda has a customer services decks in their store where customers can go to ask for help and find out any information needed.

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