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We mailed it in 2 selected areas with high population which are based 1 mile from the new garden centre. We sent this to 200 people in both local areas. From those local areas 64% people in favour of independent garden supporting new garden centre area and 46% people were against or some are not sure about new independent garden centre. It was another cheap method and it’s easy to analyze, although this method was really slow to collect our data. Telephone We conducted this survey with 80 local random people, within all age’s groups, asking them “Would they going support new independent garden centre”?

“What would they like to see in garden centre form which our team analysis the data and 51% people were agreeing to support this new garden centre but 19% people were disagreeing on putting a new garden centre and 10% people were not sure about the garden centre. We conducted a telephone survey because this method can be used over a wide area, is one of the cheapest and very fast. Face to face We conducted this research at Wyevale centre We asked them a set of question about the new independent garden centre for example we asked them “what would they like to see in new garden centre?

” 26% people ask for a restaurant and a cafe. 35% people gave bad reviews about the customer service of Wyevale. We also asked them “is it value of money? ” 54% customers said “no”. We use face to face method because we need to get views of the people about new independent and make a final decision Mystery shopping Our shoppers compare the prices from internet and shop there was a big difference for example the garden lighting in the store is i?? 16. 99 but on internet it’s i?? 9. 99. We looked at the tools which are displayed on the shop but most the tool is old designed and high priced.

We also experience the customer’s service which was just 77. 4% which was not up to the mark. We used this method because this is one of the fast and easy ways to collect and analyse data. This research method will help us to finalize our decision of having the new garden centre and To get good and positive results Internet We conduct this research via internet too we install the voting system on borough website at local libraries. We asked people to vote for “would they like to have new independent garden centre in their area?

” 76. 4% people said yes and 34% of people were unsure or against. We also asked them “what would they like to have in garden centre- cafe or restaurant” 51% people said cafe and 49% people said restaurant. We use this method because this was one of the easy and fastest ways to collect data. Product test We didn’t any information from the method. We didn’t use this method because this method only uses when we test a particular product but we don’t have any product to test for this research.

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