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This advert is advertising the product Sprite (made by the Coca-Cola Company). Sprite is a lemonade style drink. The photograph they use in this advert is a Sprite bottle on a back- ground of a piece of graph paper with an angle protractor drawn on it with blue crayon. The Sprite bottle is at a 470 angle. The colours they use are affective; they are green, red, blue and white. The green and blue they use are the Sprite bottle colours.

The blue is the angle protractor colour and the red is the degree line and numbers. They have used red and green because they are complementary colours. Red has also been proven to catch the human eye more than other colours. On the outside of the bottle there is condensation as if the bottle has just come out of the fridge; this makes me feel thirsty just looking at it; also the lid of the bottle is off and the Sprite drink is pouring out; this again makes me feel thirsty.

The target audience is 10-20 year olds of both genders. It is a very wide audience; but I think for the more sporty people, it’s just given sporty feel about it. I suppose this idea of mine is because I have seen many of their television advertisements and they always show sport happening in the back ground; last time it was basketball. Sport is thirsty work so this is another reason that they might want a sporty feel about their drink. Sprite has a slogan that is “Obey your Thirst”. They are trying to get the point that Sprite is a thirst quenching drink and you must drink it because your thirst is telling you to.

The use of text is very good. In the top left hand corner in yellow, quite large lettering are the words “We were told we needed to come up with an exciting new angle for our latest ad”. Then in the bottom left hand corner the background paper has been ripped away to reveal the words “Obey your Thirst”. These words are white on black. The language they use is positive towards Sprite because there is nothing bad towards their name.

They use a play on words: “…an exciting new angle…” plus they tilt the Sprite bottle to a 470 angle. This is a particularly efficient way of advertising because it uses humour. People remember adverts with a funny ‘angle’. Normally when you say a product needs a new angle, you would try a new advertising ploy like sponsoring a “star” to drink Sprite but I think that the way they have advertised Sprite in this advert is very clever. The joke doesn’t take long to understand and then when you remember the humour behind the advert, it makes you want to buy Sprite.

Sprites unique selling point (U.S.P) is that it is a modern, in fashion, refreshing drink. The overall image of this Sprite advert is that the company has a sense of humour; they show this by using a word with two meanings. They obviously like this series of advertising because they have used this idea in other adverts. I do believe this advert, in particular, has worked very well because it makes me want to buy Sprite.

Advert 2 This advertisement advertises Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. They are a snack style biscuit filled with jam that can be eaten hot or cold. The advert shows a CD case with a Pop Tart on the cover. The Pop Tart has a bite taken out of it and the strawberry flavour filling is oozing out. This gives you a mouth-watering feeling and it makes you feel hungry just looking at the picture. The wavy lines round the Pop Tart and text gives the impression that they are speeding towards you. The wavy lines might also indicate that the Pop Tart is hot. The background that the CD case is on is different blue shaded heart shape. Again this advert uses red on the CD case because it has been proven to catch the human eye.

The target audience for this product is 8-20 year olds. The target audience of this product ties in with the U.S.P. The first part of the U.S.P is that they are for a younger age group because of their modern approach. They are called “Pop Tarts”. You can take the word pop in two ways: one is where they ‘pop’ out of the toaster and two is the modern look, ‘pop’ as in pop music in the charts. They have conveyed this by using the CD case and the text below. It appeals to the younger generation again because of the easiness to eat. This is another U.S.P. They come straight out of the packet and then they can be eaten or they can be ‘popped’ in the toaster and eaten warm. This appeals to people because you can get up late and still eat something before you have to dash off.

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