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The business will be in a market, which will clean conservatories for commercial and private dwellings in the area of Greater Manchester. This is an expanding market because more people are having conservatories fitted onto their houses and there being no one to clean them, which shows that there is a niche, which I can take over. There is one competitor in the area of Greater Manchester, which is called WF cleaning; this business has a service of different cleaning jobs, so they do not specialise in conservatory cleaning. One of my aims is to convert people from WF Cleaning to Scowcroft Conservatory cleaning. WF cleaning only cleans a small amount of people’s houses privately. I will convert people who use WF Cleaning by cleaning people’s conservatories at a cheaper price and of a higher quality including gutter clearance and mould removal.

Business start up costs will be low with higher value items required being leased. This in turn will help cash flow. The worst expected cash flow exposure is that the cash flow will be effected during the winter months. This can be overcome by concentrating on commercial property and greenhouses. The success of the business will be dependent on repeat business; this will be aggressively followed up by treating existing customers as priority. Unforeseen problems such as illness or vehicle breakdown will be covered by insurance.

Another aim of Scowcroft Conservatory cleaning is to get a reputation after the first year so the business is able to expand. Trading is expected to start on 1st September 2002. The Market Scowcroft Conservatory Cleaning will sell their services to the general public and local businesses e.g. restaurants with conservatories, with a large customer base. The market is looking for a service with high quality and low prices This table shows that I will be able to convert people from WF Cleaning by having a lower price, a better location and being more flexible.

Market Plan The service will be promoted by word of mouth, yellow pages or Thompson, local press, leaflet drops, posters, internet and stickers. I am willing to spend a large amount of money on advertisement so Scowcroft Conservatory Cleaning is well known before the business is started. In general the proposed selling prices of Scowcroft Conservatory Cleaning will be lower than those of competitors. The reason for this is to attract customers away from the local competitor as soon as possible.

Potential customers will be encouraged to switch from their existing supplier by lower prices, introductory offers, better local presence, faster delivery, charismatic staff, niche market target and complete packages. Once they are customers, people will keep buying the service of Scowcroft Conservatory Cleaning because of good customer care, top quality products, regular customer reviews, highly trained staff, the personal touch, good deals for customers and price guarantee’s. I think that this is the best market plan to get as many customers as posible.

Prices I have decided to sell the service of Scowcroft Conservatory Cleaning at the price of �50 for each conservatory that is cleaned. I have chosen to sell the service at this price after market research. The competitor has a price of �65 for each conservatory that is cleaned. I think that this is the correct price because it is cheaper than the competitor, it doesn’t sound too cheap and I am still making a large profit.

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