Love and sex

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Love and sex are two different emotions that when are put together they make an all around love relationship. Love is an emotional feeling that a partner or both partners are feeling towards one another. Sex on the other hand is a physical action that is taking place between both partners. Men and women may have different views on love and sex. In the short story, ” I fell in love, or my hormones awakened”, a little girl has a crush on a young man. The short story demonstrates the responses that men and women have towards love, lust, and hate.

In this short story, the young girl who is a freshman in high school believes she is in love with this young man who is a senior in high school. Throughout the story she demonstrates how much she loves him by her obsession to follow him around. He works at a market and she would always make excuses to go to the market and purchase certain items. The only reason she would go is to see her love. The young man worked in the back and she would hang around just to see him walk by the door. She was all excited when he talked to her but all he said was excuse me.

Throughout the whole story the young girl has this crush on the young man but the young man is starting to realize this and is thinking what to do about it. Love for women is something that is very serious and delicate. Love for a man is basically not a big deal until it becomes serious in a sense of marriage. This young lady shows how much she loves him by always starring at him in the hallways and he shows nothing when he is feeling something inside for this girl. Basically what I’m saying is that it is not unusual for the women to have the obsessive crush on the man.

The response that women and men have to lust can be the similar and they can be different. Lust is apparent towards the end of this story. The lust between the women and the man is when the play has ended and the girl is waiting in the bathroom for everyone to leave. When she hears the crowds voices diminishing she decides to walk through the hallway to the exist. The hallway is dark and she can only see the exist. While she’s walking someone grabs her by the waist and turns her around and gives her a kiss.

After the kiss she pulls away to see who is kissing her and meanwhile the man of her dreams plants her another kiss and another kiss she can enjoy. The lust in this part of the story is the dramatic first kiss for the young girl. She was walking in the dark and the boy of her dreams comes out of no where and kisses her. Her response to the lust of the kiss was excitement, joy, and curiosity of what would to come next. The boy’s response to the kiss is basically I’m older and I can have whom ever I want and whenever I want. He has no feelings towards this girl whatsoever.

The young girl interpreted the kiss as he wanted to be with her and maybe start a relationship, but on the other hand the young mans interpretation of the kiss was basically his role in the social status meaning that he is the oldest which gives him the right to kiss her with no meaning behind the kiss. This story ends with the girl living with her mama in Puerto Rico and the young man still living in the same place. The story really doesn’t demonstrate hate towards one another but basically disappointment for the young girl and a successful mission for the young man.

The young girl had a massive crush on the senior and she was doing everything in her power just to see the young man. She was upset by the kiss because of the fact that her first kiss was meaningless. The senior responded to the kiss as a success, meaning he was able to kiss that girl and not have any strings attached afterwards. The girl was looking for strings attached because girls believe that a kiss means their going to be together. The man just wanted a kiss and the girl wanted to be with him. There responses were different and their interpretations were different as well.

In conclusion, the short story showed how a young girl could love a young man who did not even know she existed. She showed her love for this man by doing things out of the ordinary just to see his face. The short story showed the love between a woman and a man and the lust between the two and also to affects of the kiss. The affects of the kiss were basic. They never spoke to each other and never the less have the opportunity to have the chance to talk to each other again. The short story demonstrated many of key points in a crush and love scenario.

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