Lord of the Flies

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Laws and rules are important in our society as they serve as a norm of conduct. Rules ensure that social cohesion is kept. Social Cohesion is important as it maintains and preserves our principle moral, social, economic, and political values and establishes patterns of behaviour expected of members of the society. Every society needs rules (whether legal or not) to regulate behaviour, to provide guidelines of acceptable behaviour and to prevent conflict. Without rules, our society would be in chaos. The movie ‘Lord of the Flies’ is a perfect example of this.

One of the main characters Ralph knows that sticking to an agreed set of rules is the only thing preventing a state of complete anarchy. While most of the members of the group were willing to behave in a manner that would prevent chaos, follow rules such as keeping the fire going, Jack decided not to and at a group meeting said ‘Who cares? ’ Ralph simply replied ‘Because it’s the only thing we’ve got’, and Ralph was right. People decided to start ignoring Ralph’s rules when Jack started reverting back to his primal instincts, when others soon followed, their society rapidly collapsed with the loss of rationality.

Their society soon spiralled down into a state of complete anarchy, which caused people to feel unsafe due to uncertainty of whether they’d be killed or not . Part Two: Explain how rules protect the rights of an individual in society Human rights are about recognising and respecting the value and dignity of all people against race, sex, disability and age discrimination. Human rights are rights and freedom to which all humans are entitled, although differing from country to country. Human rights help us to recognise and respect this in ourselves and in each other.

Rules protect our human rights by keeping a fair and limited Government. In the movie ‘Lord of the Flies’, by the end of the film, Piggy’s and Ralph’s rights had virtually disappeared because they decided not to join the rebellion. Piggy didn’t feel safe when sleeping, due to being attacked several times during the night by Jack’s group, he was ridiculed because of his weight, and the rebellions didn’t like the fact that he was intelligent and sensible. When he decided to stand up and confront everyone about how ludicrous and insensible they were going about surviving, he was killed.

This example shows that Piggy had no freedom of speech. After Piggy was killed, Ralph felt very unsafe and felt the need to hide in the jungle, his basic rights of a human being of being able to live and to feel safe were stripped when Jack’s group became blood thirsty animals. Part Three: Describe three characteristics of effective rules Effective laws must be acceptable to the community in order for them to work, in the movie ‘Lord of the Flies’ Jack and a few of his mates didn’t accept Ralphs rules, there for causing them to rebel, making Ralph’s rules pretty much in – existent.

Effective laws must also be known to the public. The conch in the movie symbolized rules and structure, only the individual who was holding the conch was allowed to speak, which was effective until Jack decided to branch off and make his own group. This rule was effective as it was clearly stated to everyone in the society that only the person holding the conch could talk. If a law isn’t able to be enforced, it’s not effective and not practical. Roles weren’t specifically handed out to members of the society on the island, thus making it hard for them to stay civilised.

No one was afraid to break a rule, as there were no sanctions that would follow. Jack found that he had nothing to lose if he broke off into his own group; he didn’t have to follow rules and do things he didn’t want to like keeping watch of the fire. Part Four: Explain the effect of legal rules on the lives of individuals Legal rules drastically affect people every day without even realizing. We sit at home without fearing that someone will walk through the door and murder us. We walk down the street without the fear of being abducted.

Legal rules are important in every society for our health and safety. In ‘Lord of the Flies’, because there were no legal rules, nobody was afraid to break the rules that have been put in place by one of their own. There was nothing to be afraid of if they decided to rebel, which is what soon happened. Because no legal rules were established, this severely affected the lives of all those living in the island. When the pilot was killed, as well as two other children, Jack was praised for it, as there was no code of conduct to be followed.

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