Long-Awaited Celtics vs Heat Matchup Arrives

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After the game when the Miami Heat kicked out the Philadelphia 76ers Wednesday night, the most-awaited NBA Playoff match-up of the century is finally at hand, between the Heat and the Boston Celtics.

As early as the time when LeBron James announced his decision to join the Heat, fans have started expecting this kind of conclusion to the NBA postseason, with seven All-Stars in total squaring off in a match.

The Boston Celtics boast of having Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, and Kevin Garnett, while the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were joined by James close to ten months ago.

This has since become the most widely-anticipated and most intriguing semifinal in all of NBA history.

Paul Pierce remarks that they expected this to “eventually happen” some time or another.

He added that way before the season started, they knew that if they were going to be a championship team, they would have to face Miami.

This Sunday afternoon, the third-seeded Celtics will play on the road against the second-seeded Heat.

Boston sealed its spot last weekend, in round two, after toppling the New York Knicks. However, they slipped behind Miami in the standings, following a struggle through the regular season’s final weeks.

Meanwhile, the Heat required five games, with the 76ers as the last, and they confirmed their spot following a quick victory at a home game on April 10 despite having fallen three games in the last quarter of last year and in February.

Fans and commentators are tantalized by the chance of watching the Old Big 3 and the New Big 3 play it out in the matchup.

Celtics forward Glen Davis says, “I’m excited. We’ve always seen ourselves playing them.”

Pierce describes it as a “very high intense” game, and attributed it to the atmosphere created by the two teams.

He also reminded fans that it was a second round game and not a championship series, although the hype tended to make it feel like the latter.

This is the third time in four years when the Celtics and James come face to face, with the Cavaliers eliminated in seven games in 2008 and in six games the year before.

This time, James comes with a stronger force with Bosh and Wade, assuring fans of an even more memorable game.

Doc Rivers, Celtics coach, admitted that they knew they would have to go through the Heat when they saw how the team was put together. He added that he believed it was a about how one could play emotionally hard and stay smart.

Miami coach Eric Spoelstra, when talking about the Celtics with reporters on Wednesday night, conceded that they had proven themselves, after all, having been the champions for the Eastern Conference the year before.

“We have to go through them,” he said.

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