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I visited the CGA Limited, met with and interviewed the Assistant Research & Development Manager. I collected a number of supporting information used as appendices from the Secretary of Quality Assurance and Research & Development department. The Coconut Growers’ Association (C.G.A.) was formed in 1936. It was formed out of the foresight of a group of coconut estate owners/planters called the “Coconut and Copra Planters Association”, in order to provide a united front in selling their basic raw product copra to overseas markets.

Realizing the difficulties of exporting a basic raw material to overseas market, a decision was taken to begin making a finished product locally. This was the beginning of the Coconut Growers’ Association. C.G.A. has always been mindful of its role as a god corporate citizen, and has been supportive of several literacy programs including a donation of books in 1989 to approximately seven schools in the Cedros area. It has also for the past four years contributed to the Butler Institute of Labour program, whose aim is to boost language and mathematical skills of children between the ages of seven and twelve.

At present, the company, through steady research, innovation and product development is producing a high quality of consumer products for export as well as the domestic market. Many of these have become household names in Trinidad and Tobago as well as throughout the Caribbean and are winners of international consumer product awards such as the prestigious Monde Selection.
Additionally, the managers are provided with cars that can be used during the day, if he need arises.

On CGA’s compound, storage capacity is limited. There are two average size warehouses, one in the Soap making area and the other in the Oil Filling area. In these two warehouses, Raw Materials, Packaging Materials and Finished Goods are stored. Quality Assurance fluorescent coloured stickers stating ‘On Hold’, ‘Approved’ and ‘Released’ identify Raw Materials and Finished Goods.

In the Margarine department the Cold Storage section is unable to store the volume of margarine produced on a weekly basis. As a result, the company rents cold storage space at the Citrus Growers Association and this is cleared on a first in first out basis. Each warehouse has Stores attendants assigned to them, workers who receive and issue goods. They pack containers for export and properly arrange raw and packaging materials separate from finished goods ensuring that all goods are marked respectively.


A Board of Directors of which some are Coconut Estate owners controls CGA. These men invest into the company along with the profits from the sales of manufactured products. The National Insurance Act covers every worker. NIS and Agostini Insurance Brokers along with the Caribbean Home Insurance Company, which provides benefits such as Optical, Dental and Surgical operations, cover administrative workers. Building, Machinery, Equipment and Finished goods are covered for fire and burglary by Agostini Insurance Brokers. All Finished goods being exported are also covered by insurance. CGA Limited rely on its products to make profits. In order to increase profits, Contract Manufacturing was introduced.

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