Local corner shop in Harlesden

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In this part of my coursework I am helping a local corner shop in Harlesden to solve its information technology problem as they are struggling to work manually with all there float (foods and drinks record. ) My aim is improve their problem by introducing information technology to make it more accessible and easier for them to use. At the moment in the shop there they are using a manual system, but if there is a new information technology system it will make life easier for them. There are many disadvantages of using the manual system. One of the advantages of a manual system is that it is cheap.

However, though there is much more disadvantages of having a manual system in your business. Like every problem there is always a solution and I think this problems solution is that I should create a database so when they are counting the amount of either daily, weekly and monthly income of their shop, it will make it more simple and flexible for them to check other than doing the whole process again and again as it will be saved on the database. As this is a corner shop they have many deliveries like dairy products, frozen foods, drinks and many other items.

So instead of them using manual work it is much easier to store how much comes in and how much is sold. As it will all be saved on the database so it will be easier to check how much float has come into their shop? From this as we can see that my computerized system is much better as well as easier than the normal manual system. My system has many more advantages than disadvantages where as the manual system has much more disadvantages than advantages. This system may cost money but in return it will do many favours for the owner.

All the shop needs is an easy and simple package to run, nothing as special as all the normal essentials will be enough for the database to be up and running. I visited the shop in which I am going to install my system and I saw that with my system, life for the staff much more effective and easier to them. These methods I have shown are infallible compared to the manual methods, which the shop is using at present. My I. T system will be able to narrow down all the different food categories and put them all into their own group.

This systems database may seem very complicated to use but in fact it is very simple and straightforward to use. The usage of database will turn out to be more efficient, easy and by far much quicker. The database has a capacity of storing a great deal of storage. For example in the database for the shop, the name of the food, price, when the expire date finishes etc. Every record saved will be easy to open, as every file and document saved, will have a name in which the system will recognise it and open it. This makes the database even easier for us to use.

The database also makes it easier and quicker to find specific data such as price lists etc. If staffs are looking for particular information a simple search into the system, will obtain the information needed. For example if the staffs want to find out about a drink (e. g. Dr Pepper) they could just enter the name of the product and information on the product will come up. Due to all of this the system I create will help my local shop enormously. Investigation and analysis of problem and specification of solution.

To create my databases, I will need to get important information, as it will be known as data, which needs to be entered to form a database. To gather this information, I will need to ask the manager, staff members and some customers a few questions, so I will make a questionnaire. I will write three different questionnaires, one for the manager one for the staff members and one for the customers. As different staff members will have different views so to make it fair I will ask 3 different girl members and 3 different boy members, and I will ask about 10 customers.

In my questionnaire I have asked questions to the manager such as, how many fields should be created. All questions to the manager will be concentrated on the database. To the staff members I will ask them how I can make it easier for them to use my database and many more. To the customers I will ask them I will ask them that if there is a computer in the shop would it be easier for them to find out what items are in stock and many more Due to these questionnaires I will be looking at the results so I know what the shop will need.

I believe that with the help of a computer in use in the shop, this will help the shop as it is very time efficient as it will be easy to open any data or documents in the matter of 30 seconds to 1 minute. It will be neater, appropriate and easy to use for the staff and manager as instead of writing down information they can type it. So due to this I am looking forward to put computers into the shop.

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